"Be Your Own Boss" - Nollywood Actress, Stella Damasus Slams Social Media Beggars

1 year ago by: Dammy Olutayo
(m) at 2-07-2018 10:23PM (1 year ago)

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Uk based Nollywood actress, Stella Damasus took to her instagram page to call out social media beggers.

The actress shared a photo on her page with a long caption saying….

Like many others, I receive direct messages from young people asking me to help them out with their problems. They need money to pay for one thing or the other. 90% of the time it’s nothing medical or life threatening, just money to pay rent or one course in school. I take time to read through their stories and help as many as I can but trust and believe that my contribution may not solve the problem totally. I try to follow up with these people and I find that they always end up in the same place (broke). So I started asking them to learn a trade, use their talent, get mentors, learn from YouTube. If these people have enough data to come and ask for money on social media then they would definitely have enough to learn something from YouTube or other free webinars. The moment I start to ask them to learn something I become an enemy. Then I get messages like “if you don’t want to help me just say it. We, your fans have made you into a star but you can’t help us with your money”. It used to upset me but then I had to understand that the heart of a hungry person can lead to verbal diarrhea. My only problems is that they are hungry for the WRONG THING. You want the money but you don’t want the knowledge of the source where you can keep making that money. I don’t get it. You want to keep asking for fish but you don’t want to learn to catch your own fish. Who knows if you will even start catching more fish than the person you are begging from. I am saying this again ” begging for small money here and there will guarantee a constant state of poverty, but acquiring the knowledge and skills and using it to earn a living guarantees constant money in your pocket”. Become your own boss and stop living this HAND ME DOWN life. #stelladamasus #actor#nyc #mondaymotivation #monday#entrepreneur #boss

slimber (f) at 2-07-2018 10:59PM
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Very correct my dear
osarobo62 (m) at 3-07-2018 01:37AM
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Aha....when Buhari said many Nigerian youths are lazy,sit on their skinny black ass everyday and expect to be spoon- fed by the govt,...did you all not insult him Huh?
proly (f) at 3-07-2018 01:58AM
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Your right...u have many of them like that...this year i have newyear resolution....and most of them upset..teach me.how to fish...what about if something happen to the person ur hope on
maxzy277 (m) at 3-07-2018 02:07AM
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The truth is bitter. Thanks for your words, i pray for better brain to fall on those beggars  Cool
Deprince3 (m) at 3-07-2018 06:26AM
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sweetypweety (f) at 3-07-2018 08:01AM
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Come & work they say  its too stressful but they can come & beg from d same person. How do u expect to eat from what u don't like? U are a thief
kacylee (f) at 3-07-2018 08:18AM
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i dont like it when well to do celebs talk don on those that need their assistance Cool