I’ve Never Dated Anyone All My Life – Chubby Actress, Amara Maduka

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Chubby actress, Amara Maduka, is gradually becoming one of the most sought after in the movie industry.

In this interview, the Anambra State-born role interpreter speaks on her career, love life and challenges of being a plus-sized thespian. Enjoy it.

Can you briefly tell us about yourself?
I’m Amara Maduka, from Anambra State. I’m from a family of three. I’m the first daughter and second child. I’m an actor, writer and aspiring producer.

How long have you been acting?
I have been acting for five years now.

Can you mention some of the movies you have done?
I have featured in Maduka Daughters, Village Flavour, Okirika, The Israelite, Good Marriage, and Three Bad Girls, to mention a few.

How did you join the movie industry?
I joined the movie industry after leaving school. I knew I have the talent and I decided to pursue it.

What were the challenges you faced at the early stage?
My weight was a big challenge. I was very fat at the time and I didn’t get featured in roles I knew I could deliver, because all the producers saw was a fat, ugly girl. Not my talent.

How did you overcome it?
Oh well, when you get tired of being fed bullshit, you have to make a change at some point. All that matters is how you see yourself. I knew I am more than what they could see and that image alone kept me going.

Did it make you depressed?
I battled depression at some point. But like I said, if you know who you are, nothing can stop you. Not for too long.

Sexual harassment is a common trend in the industry, how did you scale through?
I haven’t been sexually harassed by any producer, I’m one of the lucky ones.

Did you hit the gym or work on your size to fit in?
I didn’t work on myself to ‘fit in’. I’m working on myself for me. I love to look good. And I’m only just getting started.

How supportive were your parents when you took the bold step to join Nollywood?
I have just my mom now. My dad wouldn’t have allowed it, but my mom is supportive.

You lost your dad?
Yeah in 2012.

Did your boyfriend at that time give you the go ahead?
I’ve never really dated anyone all my life. It’s funny but true. I’m just learning to truly give love a chance now.

I’m too sensitive. I thought not dating at all was best to avoid heartbreaks.

So, are you saying you are still a virgin?
I said I didn’t date. I didn’t say I don’t have sex.

Have you been heartbroken?
Not at all.

So, no emotional attachment to your partners?
From me to them? No! From them to me? Well, people pretend a lot in this country so, I wouldn’t know.

How long can you stay without sex?
Oh, I can stay for as long as I want. I’m not a sex freak. But when I get it, I get it good.

I’ve heard people say it’s hard to sexually satisfy a plus-sized lady, how true is this?
That’s based on individual differences. It’s wrong to generalise stuff like that.

What’s your ideal man for marriage?
I’m attracted to a person’s mind and rarely the body. If he’s got a good heart, and a sound mind, that’s it for me. Physical appearances don’t really count.

It doesn’t mean I’d marry a monster or a dwarf, though. But his pocket counts. I can’t help the world if I’m helpless. If you know what I mean, I need a rich man.

You talked about being a producer, any work on the pipeline?
Yes. I’m cooking up something good for my fans. It’s an Alaba (International Market) release, though. I have to cut my coat according to my cloth, for now.

Nollywood is indeed going places but there are still some lapses, what’s the way forward?
The way forward is finance. Everything boils down to money. We don’t have investors. All we get is criticism and little support. Nigerians keep comparing us to Hollywood and it baffles me. We do what we do out of little or nothing and we are able to get results. Not Hollywood standard perhaps, but if we have half of what those guys have, we’d shake the world.

What would Amara be doing for a living if she’s not an actress?
I’d probably be into fashion, which I’m going to do eventually. I intend going into plus-size clothing (business). It’s difficult for a fat girl to find trendy clothes and I can help that.

Recently, one of your colleagues made a confession of the weirdest place she has had sex, what’s yours?
The weirdest place I’ve had sex was in the pool. No, we were not caught because it was a private pool.

What’s your best moment as an actress?
When someone hooked me up on Facebook, asked for my account details and sent me money from London, for making him and his family laugh.

Do you have any regrets in life?
None. I take the lessons and move on.

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