HUH? 45Yrs Old Man Attempts To Pay Off Family Of 5Yrs Old Girl He Molested In Lagos

at 8-08-2018 04:07PM (1 year ago)

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A woman identified as Marlene Dejumo has taken to twitter to narrate on how a 45-year-old man raped a 5-year-old girl in Ajah, Lagos and he was trying to pay off family of the little girl.
The lady actually took to the platform to seek for help on what agency to get in touch with so as to take up the case of the pedophile.
Read her tweets below:
My family friends 5year old daughter was raped by a 45yr old man in their estate in Ajah God, who gave birth to these men
I hope the man dies. I hope he is struck by lightning and thunder. I hope the same happens to any of his female kids. I hope he gets hit by a truck or he has a heart attack. God
A child as vulnerable as that and you took advantage of her Are people this heartless. How can your dick be hard on a 5 year old??? How can you take a helpless child and do such disgusting and inhumane thing to her I hope he DIESSSSSSS
They said he’s using money to get himself out of it. I don’t know what to do to help. I want to help them.
Who can I talk to about this? Is there an agency that can help me put this man in jail?? He’s trying to use money to get it all covered up. He has to suffer. Someone help!!! How can you rape a 5 year old girl How I can’t even imagine how the mother is feeling
The child has been taken to the hospital. I’d really appreciate it if theres some I can get in touch with.
I just spoke to my aunty who is d grandmother of the child and she says they are taking the case up. I would like to see that man rot in jail. Like how do you get aroused by a baby WTF!!! I quiver at the thought of it. Inserting your damaged,Godforsaken peen into a child?

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Just like that