PHOTOS: Anambra Commissioner Of Education, Kate Omenugha Spotted Wearing School Uniform To Work

Published On: August 14, 2018, 9:38 am (2 years ago)
Author: success Xenab

The Commissioner for Education in Anambra State, Prof. Kate Omenugha, has been captured on camera as she dressed like a student to work.

A Facebook user, Nelson Omenugha, has taken to the social media platform to share some photos of his mother who is the Commissioner of Education in Anambra State as she dressed after some school girls from the state won gold medals in the United States.
Nelson shared the photos of Professor Mrs Kate Omenugha and wrote: "Ndi Anambra, behold your Award winning and Harvard trained Hon Commissioner for Basic Education, Prof Kate Omenugha.

"She has the mandate to drive the vision of His Excellency, Dr Willie Obiano in providing a globally competitive Education to umu akwukwo ndi Anambra.
"She is determined and not giving up in delivering this mandate. She is on move. We wish her well."

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Posted: (2 years ago) on 14-08-2018 09:43 AM | Gistmaniac
feel young.
Posted: (2 years ago) on 14-08-2018 09:44 AM | Gistmaniac
its actually cool, a change in perception or outlook, but it looks a bit out of place.
Posted: (2 years ago) on 14-08-2018 09:45 AM | Gistmaniac
She Looks Good In It... But Honestly, Anambra Is Simply Reaping The Fruit Of Peter Obi's Great Seed In Her Education Sector And Congrats To Akpokuedike For Keeping The Flag Flying.Congrats To Anambra People.
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proly proly (f)
Hahhahah back to school
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Hmmmm very good
Posted: (2 years ago) on 14-08-2018 10:55 PM | Hero
This is very sad news for the resume review service and for the department of the Education. The Commissioner has done many good works for the education department when she was the Commissioner.
Posted: (1 year ago) on 13-09-2019 09:56 PM | Newbie
This show her dedication and determination to work. This is an impressive way to keep the environment comfortable and friendships for other staff members. The publish some content like that. You can check it out.
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Y'all better be very very careful..
Posted: (4 months ago) on 21-07-2020 10:37 PM | Gistmaniac
This act shows excellency and passion for his work. I think the main reason behind wearing school uniform by Kate is to show his passion and to produce self confidence in other employer to work without any hesitation. She is determined and giving his best for this mandate. The PapersOwl is one of the finest and authentic approach when it comes about paper work. Hope to read more such inspirational stuff.
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