Bentley, Gucci, Luis Vuitton: Meet Apostle David E. Taylor, American "Yahoo Yahoo" Pastor (Video)

Published 1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 19-08-2018 07:35AM (1 year ago)

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There are many incredible men of God doing God's work and going about preaching the gospel without any compromise in the exact way that it should be preached, then there are some flashy flamboyant fraudsters that have seen people's religious believe as a viable source of business and a means to fund some of their greedy and lavish lifestyle in the wildest ways they can ever imagine! Should we say "Apostle" David E. Taylor was at the epitome of this ungodly business practise? He and his wife opt exclusively for his end designer fashion brands such as gucci and LV and they drive numerous posh cars including rolls royce and bentley, American being a country with a working judicial system did not allow that act go unpunished, he was subsequently arrested and made to explain why he fleeced the poor to pay for his lavish lifestyle (and fund his wife's huge wardrobe), see what hes got to say below:

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warribimboye at 19-08-2018 01:40PM (1 year ago)
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It’s everywhere only in Africa we don’t have to question them
deboalabi262 at 19-08-2018 06:40PM (1 year ago)
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Fake pastor..... Huh?

slimber at 19-08-2018 06:58PM (1 year ago)
(12070 | Hero) (f) yahoo pastors evrywhere