Mr. P Is Like a Prodigal Son, We Wont Cry Over Him - Jude Okoye Fires Shots At Peter

Published 1 year ago by: onuigbo felicia
at 17-09-2018 01:50PM (1 year ago)

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Psquare brother, Jude likens Peter’s case to that of a prodigal son.
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zumata at 17-09-2018 03:45PM (1 year ago)
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Of a truth Jude your not doing well as the first son which now represent the entire family,i must tell you that your late parents will not be happy with you anywhere they're now.
Jude,its a time like this that you will rise up and show your quality as the leader because all eyes are you as first son (OPARA) please its time to make sacrifices by ignoring somethings to make sure you keep Okoye family together because your family enemies are there rejoicing over what is happening now.
Please bro every families have their own problems but the ability to handle it is the key,may God almighty give you the wisdom to handle your family problem now in Jesus name amen.
zumata at 17-09-2018 03:46PM (1 year ago)
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One love