Madam Kemi Olulunyo Releases Email To Prove That Linda Ikeji Faked Her Pregnancy

at 3-11-2018 08:52AM (1 year ago)

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All I can say here is that 2 women are fighting (that is a very deep statement) if you can figure out the meaning. Its bigger than world war II and more deadlier than anything ever encountered because the wrath of a scorned woman - no one can bear! Kemi Omololu Olulunyo has been riding on a propaganda that Linda Ikeji was never pregnant and was wearing a fake "Moonbump" to fool her "gullible" fans, she has taken the propaganda to yet another level, by releasing the email below, claiming Linda Ikeji photoshopped herself into another woman's hospital photo - see screenshoot of the email below:

This was followed by a melay with Linda Ikeji's outspoken kid sister, Laura - see below:

victorstic1 at 3-11-2018 09:55AM (1 year ago)
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Hmmmmm this getting seriuos
kacylee at 3-11-2018 12:20PM (1 year ago)
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this woman is not relenting ooo... people will soon start taking her words seriously

smart61 at 3-11-2018 01:55PM (1 year ago)
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she is an investigative jounalist. in most cases, she says the truth
crocatum at 3-11-2018 02:12PM (1 year ago)
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I like her, even though she seems mentally unstable, carry on, sweet juice for any boring time.
favourita at 3-11-2018 11:17PM (1 year ago)
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Mad people everywhere Grin idiot fellows Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
james987 at 4-11-2018 04:13AM (1 year ago)
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I would say it once more,the way Linda detested men in the past,kemi though sick might be right on this baby bump issue. Rihana wore baby bump last year and was declared pregnant. Suddenly no stories about the pregnancy any more. Linda is hiding behind behind millions close to billions she can do whatever shit she wants and cover it all up with money. People only see money and not the character someone be posses inwardly.