WATCH: Kenyan Man Beats Up A Chinese Man For Calling Him A Monkey

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-- Online (m) at 3-11-2018 03:35PM

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Chinese man insulted a Kenyan man in his own country and all hell broke lose.

The Chinese, who was in Kenya, called a Kenyan man twice his size “Nugu” which means monkey. They were at a supermarket when this happened but that didn’t stop the Kenyan man from taking laws into his hands.

The Kenyan man dragged the racist Chinese away from the counter to a less crowded place and delivered a slap. As he tried to deliver another, others intervened.

Watch the video below.

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-- mgiwa6 (m) at 3-11-2018 04:55PM
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The chink deserved what he got.
-- proly (f) at 3-11-2018 06:04PM
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Lols see as the Kenya guy tall and the chinco small funny
-- idontno (m) at 3-11-2018 08:02PM
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Good news
-- kacylee Online (f) at 3-11-2018 08:32PM
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u dont mess with an African man... the slap hot sha

-- nightowl1171 (m) at 3-11-2018 09:03PM
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You called me Monkey in China. And you still dare to call me Monkey in my country? No! Sorry I will never allow you to go free with it.
If you have not been to China just keep calm. Those who have been to China knows how they treat people from Africa.
-- Henrybobo Online (m) at 3-11-2018 09:43PM
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Dem for allow d man beat d guy well now.. These Chinese people like insulting Africans.. But de like making money from us
-- crocatum (m) at 4-11-2018 01:50AM
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 Grin Grin, the best way to revenge is through economic progress
-- james987 (m) at 4-11-2018 03:48AM
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Na chinko kick person for back spinal cord damage for naija. Them for leave the guy make em touch am Small cos the beatings and harsh treatment them dey dish out to some Nigerians wey dey China no be wetin mouth go talk about.
-- DJZeewhy (m) at 4-11-2018 06:58AM
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Check for more Information
-- warribimboye (m) at 4-11-2018 03:33PM
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Nice one