You Are A Disgrace To Nigeria –Obanla Elizabeth Blasts Aremu Afolayan For Insulting Buhari & Ambode

Published On: November 13, 2018, 6:01 am
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This weekend, Nollywood actor Aremu Afolayan attacked President Buhari and Governor Ambode over the terrible state of the Nigerian Aviation sector. This came after he had an unpleasant experience at the airport in Lagos and he took to social media to vent his anger.

Reacting to him, Nigerian socialite Elizabeth Obanla in a One Hour Facebook live video dragged the heck out of the actor calling him a ‘disgrace and total idiot for insulting a sitting president and the governor of his state’.

She went on to ask him, ‘who are you to come out to insult your leaders because you had issues at the airport’?

Watch her video below…

-- james987 (m) at 13-11-2018 06:19AM
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Madam you are the disgrace here. You have a problem
-- kingcalors (m) at 13-11-2018 07:33AM
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A clueless woman who needs deliverance. She is blind & deaf. It seems she doesn't know what's going on in Nigeria. Nigeria is almost gone down the drain. Nigerians should wake up and challenge their leaders. Nothing is working and we seem not to talk. We need to rise and demand for our right.
-- ignis99 (m) at 13-11-2018 08:14AM
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Stupid Illitrate woman joining issues that she does not know about . This is democracy and the leaders need to be challenged to bring out the best in them .
-- Kormeijama (m) at 13-11-2018 09:04AM
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And who the hell are you to  question him ? Anything wrong with what he attributed to the leadership of the country. Or  you would prefer he had called out Atiku or Obasanjo about the  terrible experiences  at our  point of service delivery. I'm tempted to think that you're the scavenging sycophants around the presidency. This young man highlighted what must never be the culture of bad practices  that have permeated out societies. Why would  her guest be treated that awful way. Every  travel certificate ( passport/Emergency) issued  by  authorized personnel of any country to any of its citizens or applicants is valid, and such person/s  should travel without hindrance. Had the airport personnel  suspected any anomaly with the  document, it was their place to  have contacted the issuing authority- for that matter ,the French embassy or consulate for verification. Stop this sycophancy and  functional stupidity. Kudos to you brother and my apologies for the horrible experience your friend went through .
-- roseyjjegede (f) at 13-11-2018 12:17PM
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-- De_faculty1 (m) at 14-11-2018 12:26AM
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Madam Elizabeth you r wrong.
-- OmosetanOmorele (m) at 14-11-2018 03:49PM
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Elizabeth Obanla is a f.ucking idiot