Girls Throw Their G-Strings At The Popular Kupe Boys As They Perform in A Lagos Club (Video)

Published 1 year ago by: kacy lee
at 17-11-2018 12:32PM (1 year ago)

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The visit of popular dance group, Kupe Boys, to Nigeria has been making rounds lately, from sitting on the floor at airport to getting g-strings thrown at them.
Before their arrival, lots of Nigerian ladies had anticipated their coming into the country, and I think finally meeting them yesterday, made the ladies lose it.

Last night, popular Internet sensations, Kupe Boys, were in Lagos to thrill their fans with their dance moves and sexy bodies at a club in Lagos. They arrived Nigeria on Thursday November 15th for different shows.

According to the owner of Escape club, Richard Nnadi, some girls were throwing G-Strings at the Kupe Boys who came to the club to thrill their fans last night.

Watch the videos below.