Crowd Gather As Man Kills Huge Python That Swallowed His Dog In Anambra (Photos)

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A man based in the South-eastern part of Nigeria opened fire on a massive python after the reptile killed his dog.

The incident happened this morning at Oba junction in Anambra State between a dog owner and a python.
According to reports, the huge reptile swallowed a dog before it was gunned down by the owner out of annoyance.

The incident attracted a lot of crowd as villagers gathered at the scene to see the dog owner showing off his kill.
It was claimed that the snake was later butchered and the carcass of the dog which had already died, removed from its stomach.

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Why is it is only in anambra u see all this kind of snakes
-- kacylee (f) at 29-11-2018 10:59AM
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see meat

-- angesco (f) at 30-11-2018 08:17AM
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The python is a snake known to swallow its PREYwhole.

Nigerians are ALWAYS surprised at things that to others is COMMON KNOWLEDGE!

AND IT DOES NOT ONLY HAPPEN in ANAMBRA  STATE - silly thing to say!!!!!!!

The thing is some places DO NOT REPORT it happening to AVOID STIGMA.

In June 2018 a 23 foot PYTHON in INDONESIA  swallowed a woman WHOLE whilst she was working on her farm!

A huge ANACONDA swallowed a WHOLE COW in 2013 in BRAZIL.