American Returnee Accuses Lagos Police officers Of Using Cultists To Threaten And Harass Him

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A U.S returnee has accused officers of the Nigerian Police Force at the Lekki Divisional Police station, of using a cult group to threaten him right inside their station. According to the man identified as Osilo, he had gone to the station to hand over a thief his security guard had apprehended on their premises. After settling the matter with the Police and agreeing not to take the issue to court, the Policemen at the station eventually asked him for cash, which he freely gave them. But as he made his way out of the station, he saw an inscription on his car, someone who claimed to be a cultist had written threatening him to meet at a certain location. The man believed the Policemen at the station must have written that to exploit him further, but they denied having any knowledge of whoever wrote the message despite having the car parked within the premises of the station.

He wrote:
So this morning this morning In Lekki phase 1, i was sleeping when the security man came to wake me up that he caught someone broke into my car with the things he stole from the car and everywhere ransacked, we called the security agency and they called the cops but they had no patrol vehicle as they said, we decided to take him to the Lekki Divisional Police station. The case was reported, i wrote a statement as the complainant, to cut the story short they asked if i wanted to charge the thief to court and that I’ll have to pay for the transport and some stuffs to be able to charge a thief to court, i told them i don’t want to be the one responsible for sending another man to prison for stealing things i already recovered, they still begged for money anyway cos they found out i just came back from America.
i gave them some money and i wrote a letter to withdraw the case and let everything go, so before i could come back outside one of the policemen went and wrote on my car
So i went back into the police station to get the attention of the officers and they were all acting like they don’t know who wrote it or what was going on. Who could have come to a police station and write this on the car, like WTF.
This is what Nigerian police has been reduced to, they either find a way to extort you or even kill you for your possession if they have a chance, this is exactly why no one believe in this country no more, this country will never be great, there’s no way it will ever be, politicians aren’t the only problem we have…smfh

kp45 (m) at 7-01-2019 01:46PM
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Someone can't have cool cash in peace.
Noah147 (m) at 7-01-2019 09:20PM
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I admire your courage sir,going to back to that shit hole to live after living in America? i dont even wanna visit much more of living there. i hope u be ok.