Wife Of Senate President, Toyin Saraki Spotted Using Military Aids As Servants (Photos)

Published On: February 3, 2019, 7:13 pm
Author: Daniel Bosai
-- Online (m) at 3-02-2019 07:13PM

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Here is one of the disadvantages of a heavily populated country, some people would end up being treated as slaves, peep the photos of Nigeria's senate president's wife below ordering her military escort and security detail to hold her hand bag and umbrella for her, while she grins like some sort of messiah whilst in reality she is just an opportuned criminal. The shocking aspect of this photo is that Toyin Saraki shared it herself, she is so proud of her accomplishment as the wife of the senate president and the ability to order her aids around like slaves and servants! I hope the entire country will someday wakeup from their cowardice and stand up to their slave masters in the near future

Here is the said photo:

-- smart61 (m) at 3-02-2019 07:28PM
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What else do you expect? When they are married to national treasury looters.
-- wenwenwen (m) at 3-02-2019 07:31PM
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Just pray to be like her someday, and stop dis hate speech. This is done everywhere. Not really bcos they are servants but act of respect. If he easy make ur papa or husband go be Senate president.
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 3-02-2019 07:49PM
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Military aids has always been used as servants by those in political power and the so called rich people since 1960. Nigeria was created a failed State from day one.
-- Aniagain (m) at 3-02-2019 10:03PM
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Public enemy, thats not a military gal but police....When was rhe last time u saw a soldier being an orderly to a civillian?

-- skyeblues (m) at 4-02-2019 08:06AM
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The poster of this news lacks knowledge of the uniform, you better scrutinize your news before posting, Olosi
-- AbiodunTijani (m) at 20-11-2019 11:41PM
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Dem go deal with una d way dey dealt with Reno Omokri.