Shina Peller’s Mum And Wife Attacked During Campaign Rally In Oyo State (Videos)

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Shina Peller’s mom and his wife were yesterday attacked by political thugs during a campaign in Oyo state.

The owner of Quilox has taken to his gram to condemn the attack, asking why politicians go violent on opposition.

Stating that events like this is bound to discourage many like himself – who are driven to serve the people – from venturing into politics.

Since I got actively involved in politics, I have preached against political violence, and this is often reflected in my utterances and acts. The ugly incidence that occurred yesterday during the Oyo State APC campaign in Iseyin/Itesiwaju/Kajola/Iwajowa federal constituency saddened my heart.

After touring the three other local governments in my constituency, we returned to Iseyin with our leader, Governor Isiaka Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State. The governor addressed thousands of people gathered and even promised to grant our yearning for the establishment of University in Iseyin.
However, to my dismay, my convoy was attacked on my way home, and cars destroyed by some opposition political thugs. My mother and wife almost got wounded. Why should any politician go violent on the opposition if truly such a person is driven by the desire to serve his people purposefully, and not for selfish interest?

One of the major reasons I am into politics is to ensure unity and peaceful coexistence of my people, as I have realised that disunity contributes greatly to our underdevelopment. Unpleasant news like this is bound to discourage many like me who are truly driven by the desire to serve our people positively from venturing into politics.

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Hmmm, Disunity contribute greatly to our underdevelopment... Omoilumi n'Iseyin konibaje!
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