The Size of His D..k Is Just Too Scary! - Nigerian Lady Reveals Why She Rejected A Marriage Proposal

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A Nigerian lady has wowed many of her followers after she revealed that she had to reject a marriage proposal because the gentleman proposing has a large D.

@rutie_xx says she’s too tender for her womb to start shifting and so to avoid that, she had to reject a proposal that could have potentially damaged her womb, or caused a lifetime of womb shifting.

Many of her followers have found it hard to believe as they say she’s only making it up but it seems she’s quite serious about it as some people close to her also affirmed her claim.

See her tweet below,

-- Baye77 (m) at 19-03-2019 09:06AM
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Once you a fone and data...u can go online and say wareva...
-- willyking (m) at 19-03-2019 09:09AM
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-- fineboy77 (m) at 19-03-2019 09:11AM
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Oya goan marry Osarobo,you wont even feel a thing  Grin

-- kingcalors (m) at 19-03-2019 10:34AM
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This modafoka of a babe no sabi sontin. When she jam a fine cute rich guy wey get rat tail in-between his legs, weytin she go talk? I'd advice her to run back to dat guy. Enclose N50k in an envelope, kneel down, shed either crocodile or aligator tears and beg him cos you really humilated him. It shows that you wont be a good wife. Why did u even open your stinking mouth and say such in social media? You dey craze? Such guy wey gada sontin extra ordinarily long and large are very very hard to come by. Thank God he even proposed to you cos the way I see you, you can't even satisfy him in bed.
-- kamelojr (f) at 19-03-2019 11:35AM
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Nigerian lady ties the knot with her lesbian Lover
-- Doyourworst (m) at 19-03-2019 05:33PM
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This Bitch is a joke!...I don't believe her story at all. Such Men with extraordinary stuff never go for ugly and timid fools  like her.
-- Asterimou (m) at 19-03-2019 11:38PM
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She might be speaking the truth. Not every girl like it big. A white lady once told me that she prefer big D in a once in a while kind of fun than for in a relationship. If the guy with a big dick is rough in nature, then the girl won't enjoy good sex. most men believes that when a girl is shouting during sex, its a sign that she's enjoying it. No. thats a big lie and assumption. It can be an indication that she is feeling pain. A girl moaning softly indicates she is enjoying it. No girl wants to feel pain for every time she have sex with a man. Men should learn to be considerate and gentle during sex and stop watching too much porn movies.
-- kennynaija (m) at 21-03-2019 09:06PM
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-- osarobo62 (m) at 22-03-2019 07:55PM
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Quote from: fineboy77 on 19-03-2019 09:11AM
Oya goan marry Osarobo,you wont even feel a thing  Grin
Grin Grin record still stand as the biggest ''D'' west of the Niger.
-- WhaleDog (m) at 23-03-2019 08:47AM
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Jah blessing ! The bongo I .Come with da long I I got it from my grandfather iron sharpening iron .Come with ya juicy tin and I will make I sing with the birds ,just as the birds eat the weed with Rasta on the mountain