"Marriage Vows, For Better For Worse Is Unscriptural And A Curse" - Bishop, David Oyedepo Reveals

Published 3 months ago by: CLARA JANCITA
at 02:38 PM, 26/03/2019 (3 months ago)

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Bishop David Oyedepo of Winners Chapel has stated that marriage vows which people recite when they are tying the knot are a curse.

According to the clergyman, making vows by saying “for better for worse” is tantamount to calling on curses on one’s head. Oyedepo also revealed that such marriage vows are unscriptural.

The pastor was quoted by a Facebook page as saying:

All that
“for better for worse, in sickness and in health”
, that people recite as marriage vows is unscriptural. It is a curse.

Stay tuned as we update you with the rest of the pastor’s sermon from where the above quote was curled

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olowoinlionsden at 03:30 PM, 26/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(1109 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Hope this Man of God understand the phrase 'for better or worse ' simply means 'In and out of Season' The modern Christan does not want any hardship,  hence he goes round to twist the Word of God to suit his purpose.  Hence you hear the phrases "My God is not a poor God,  Prosperity is mine,  No evil shall come my way",  Jesus Christ had the option of not riding on a borrowed  ass to Jerusalem,  He came to suffer in order to redeem Mankind. It behoves we His followers to at least get out of our Comfort Zone occasionally  to actually attempt to fulfill our much chorused "I want to be like Jesus Christ" anthem.
james987 at 07:02 PM, 26/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(8224 | Hero) (m)

Somehow we christians pray for the best and not for the worse. I agree with him
EMMYBOSS at 08:06 PM, 26/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(1236 | Gistmaniac) (m)

For better, for worse is a normal phenomenon (fact) as far as Life on Earth is concerned.  Naturally, we don't have power to control what comes our ways, hence, we pray for good health, sometimes sickness comes etc.  The phrase "for better, for worse" to me, simply means whatever comes my/our ways, "I/WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED OR SHAKEN"  It doesn't mean you are bringing curses upon yourself.   
busa04 at 09:16 PM, 26/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(159 | Upcoming) (m)

I hope Pastor is not encouraging those who are feeble minded. Men/Women will begin to leave marriages now since MOG has spoken without understanding what he is saying. Naturally no man/woman wants to suffer, but somehow suffering sets in and sometimes illness and when these enemies come people tend to abandoned their spouses either because they have terminal disease or are not able to make the kind of money their partners expect of them. So, when a vow is taken for better for worse is to be sure that when one spouse is helpless, the other should be able to assist because no condition is permanent. He the man of God that is talking like this, if today his riches fall down like Job, his wife might run away and he will not like it or better still if his wife becomes paralyzed, he will be the first to take another wife. So, I strongly disagree with pastor on this statement he made. This is not what men of God should be preaching. Jesus focused on REPENTANCE and I expect all men of God to preach more about repentance especially now that evil has taken root in our dear country!
ejikeiyo at 09:32 PM, 26/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(2464 | Gistmaniac) (m)

wasted generation
kennynaija at 10:31 PM, 26/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(2886 | Gistmaniac) (m)

just looking Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Baye77 at 10:18 AM, 27/03/2019 (2 months ago)
(2101 | Gistmaniac) (m)

I see...


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