Italian Man Kills A Nigerian Sex Worker Over Poor Performance

Published On: April 10, 2019, 7:29 am (1 year ago)
Author: Olusanya Akinrinola

The mother of a 41-year-old Italian man who murdered a 40-year-old Nigerian prostitute, has handed him over to the police in Pavullo.
In his confessional statement, Leopoldo Scalici said he smashed Benedita’s head with a bench vise, because he was angry that she didn’t perform well during their romp.
The deceased’s naked body was discovered by the roadside on Sunday evening and Scalici is now in prison on charges of voluntary murder.

Posted: (1 year ago) at 10-04-2019 07:29 AM | Gistmaniac
Nigerians abroad don suffer...small time now we go hear say dem take Nigerian do suya.May God have mercy on our leaders.
Posted: (1 year ago) at 10-04-2019 08:17 AM | Newbie
Lord ah mercy ! D matter sef psss me men ! D man no dey joke , him don smash iron kettle over the Congo head ,The prostitute sef performed below average , na d tin caused palava

Posted: (1 year ago) at 10-04-2019 08:30 AM | Gistmaniac
Why not refuse to pay her rather than kill her?? Whoever kills should be killed too
Posted: (1 year ago) at 10-04-2019 12:04 PM | Hero
Italians hates black normally
Posted: (1 year ago) at 10-04-2019 02:17 PM | Gistmaniac
Is a pity our Nigerians are suffering in abroad and some of them are been killed by the white people my God when is all this going to stop our useless and moron leaders are busy Charing and embezzling the national cake make God destroy them all and their generation  Rip girl.
Posted: (1 year ago) at 10-04-2019 08:42 PM | Gistmaniac