Regina Daniels Hugs and Displays Public Affection To Her 59 Years Old Husband, Ned Nwoko

1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
-- Online (m) at 27-04-2019 09:49PM

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We now have some new intimate photos of popular teenage actress, Regina Daniels who is now dating 59 years old billionaire politician, Ned Nwoko as he was conferred with a honorary doctorate degree from Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun, FUPRE. Many people have been disgusted by Regina Daniels choice of spouse due to the massive age difference between the pair, check out photos of the love birds below:

-- mike112 (m) at 27-04-2019 10:37PM
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Wasted generation
-- nonsovin (m) at 27-04-2019 11:16PM
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The girl is even getting older than her age now
-- chukzk (m) at 27-04-2019 11:23PM
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money is like god to Nigerian , a man who is old enough to be your grandfather
-- chidan1214 (m) at 27-04-2019 11:25PM
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Idiots. Shay na una go feed am and her family.
Idiots. Shay una go fit help am maintain her beauty.
Idiots. Jealousy people. Haters
She don shut una up
-- Kormeijama (m) at 28-04-2019 07:46AM
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Its about the money. She love him not. The relationship is cool because  of  the money, had this been a poor or average earner, the girl won't even walk near you . And then age differential comes into play. But with money age is binned.
-- edithehio (f) at 28-04-2019 01:08PM
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What if she is the man daughter,?, and she is just doing all this for publicity, they might be father and child
-- Noah147 (m) at 28-04-2019 02:07PM
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Nigeria girls /women will do anything for not against age relationships at all,by when you see Nija woman with an older woman and men you know what's up.
-- proly (f) at 28-04-2019 03:09PM
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See the man face like iru mkpi hahhahahhaha no be me talk am ooooo
-- willyking (m) at 28-04-2019 11:15PM
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Congrats dear am happy for U reginal and Mr Ned may God bless ur union  it is only the church rats I mean poverty stricken men we be crying over ur relationship because they are lazy and will never have such opportunity in their life, like me I will have my own reginal Daniel once am 60 years old..hater can go kill them selves do U people think is easy to make money..
-- Tinosca (m) at 1-05-2019 08:08AM
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I know Regina Daniels personally! She like many other actresses are all the same thing! Having multiple sex mates, sleeping with married pastors and men, Sucking old penises up to old corrupt politicians! Whilst hiding a young lover phyuk boy. All of them are scientific prostitutes! Later when things go take or unreal or surprisingly wrong hmmm we start hearing and reading self explanatory memorandum of stories. They forget that it is how you lay your bed so you must later lie! You reap what you sow! Every babe could marry for money but an over 40 years old man? Older than your own foolish father? Your prostitute mum supports you cos she is d same as her daughter in blood. Young rich boys everywhere are not Ok??? 10 to 15 years old guys not ok??? Do you know the spiritual battles associated with polygamous marriage? Of course you and your mum have personal level spiritually like marine and witchcraft! Na confirmed! Tonto dike is still pained and frustrated and regularly put disgraceful stuffs on social media to try offload her initial silly decisions. Many actresses are divorce and single parent cos they were silly just as you Regina are now. So Regina you having been sleeping around with married men so tey the thing sweet old man with multiple wives and girlfriends that he decided to entice you into marriage! A disastrous teen harlot! Beauty and the beast! Regina should have inside her mind she will regret it. All that glitters are not gold. She will definitely look to remarry! I give that marriage worst 15 years! If he does not die quicker of too much man power drugs and herbs! Stash your money away steadily before the bubble will burst. Teen bride already step mother! Height of longthroat!  The old is a cronic womanizer impromptu! Regina na real original yahoo plus babe I swear! Teen beauty keep sucking that old dick bitch!...