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Stress test and stress management tips? This is what I want to share to you today. For a simple stress test just follow two steps. First, be aware and check your breathing every now and then during the day. If you feel it was shallow, you are tensed; if it seems labored you are exhausted; and if you are breathing evenly, that is good news because it just means you are feeling good and relaxed. Second, listen to your body. Most of us know if our body is reacting to stress – stomach hurts, you suddenly feel headache or become irritable, and, or your neck tensed up. So simple stress test, right? It was meant to be simple for you to easily check if you are under stress so you can quickly take steps to deal with the stressful situations and be more religious to your stress management.
Here are my simple stress management tips for you:
Always find time for exercise or some vigorous physical activities at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise release anti-stress hormone from the brain.
Take some time to relax.If you have given some time to face stressful situation then you need to follow it with time for relaxation. For those who have sedentary jobs and feel exhausted from mental fatigue, sports like swimming, volleyball, badminton, tennis and other sports that requires you to be on a group is the best anti-mental exhaustion reliever. Family exercise is the best example for it. Then, bored your mind into relaxation. Sit down then close your eyes and do nothing. Few minutes from doing this, you will be on relaxation state.
Meditation or repeating a focus word is a great way of relaxation too. Find a quiet place, sit down, close your eyes then relax your muscles. Keep your breathing slow and natural then concentrate on it. Discard stray thoughts that comes into your mind. Start repeating a focus word or phrase with each relaxation.
Find some ways to slow down. Get up 30 minutes early for you to have extra time to sit and read the paper or an inspirational book before leaving for work. Then, when you get to your job, take some time to sit in the car for an extra two minutes to prepare yourself for the day’s work.
Share and experience love daily. It is not enough that you know you love your family, friends and co-workers. Show it to them by sweet smile, touch and some caring acts. This actions will come right back to you.

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