Date Blunder Exposes Tonto Dikeh's New Allegation Against Olakunle Churchill

1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
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Tonto Dikeh launched her youtube channel with a flurry of super hot interview videos regarding how her marriage to Olakunle Churchill failed and the many evil of her ex-husband and his family who were both diabolical and most importantly were not biologically related to the ex-president of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo.

Tonto Dikeh said the main reason she married Churchill was because he lied to him that he was Obasanjo's son and because she was a "famous" actress, she can not just marry a "Pauper", basically everything else stem from that, she thought she had an ex-president's son locked in, but later realized he wasnt his biological son and this was the end of her dream. She shared alot of evidences in the video, but these are the sort of things you take with a pinch of salt considering Tonto Dikeh has done numerous "tell all" interviews and had never used those "evidences" before? that was very unlike her. Our suspicion was confirmed when we checked the dates on the evidence she used, it showed 1 January, 1980 - this is a generic computer date for any  situation were the particular date of an activity has been "reset" or altered. This means Tonto Dikeh had sought the help of some computer whiz at some point to manufacture text messages to use in her video where she also displayed many of her acting antic like when she cried for like 2 minutes and just stopped the cry artificially like to say she was on a movie set - you can see a screenshot of the date she fumbled below:

you can watch the full interview here:,387220.0.html

-- Henrybobo (m) at 1-05-2019 09:16AM
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They need carry dis madam go yaba left
-- Steve_asokona (m) at 1-05-2019 09:29AM
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What's wrong about marrying a poor young man who is ambitious and works hard every day to be successful provided you love him? She wanted class and had an uncontrollable desire to identify with the influential people of the land and the disillusionment that followed serves her right.
-- Equalright (m) at 1-05-2019 10:51AM
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Tonto is a shameless lady full of lies yet she will come on social media to preach forgiveness, she I so bitter that she has lost her husband that why she can't allow him to be.
-- Baye77 (m) at 1-05-2019 06:48PM
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Not my cup of tea