VIDEO: Young Female Secondary School Students In South Africa Twerking On Their Boyfriends

1 year ago by: Daniel Bosai
-- Online (m) at 16-05-2019 09:25AM

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This has to be one of the more interesting video clips I have ever come across on the internet, these young secondary school students can't wait to become adults! They are already practising night club dancing moves right there in their classrooms, can you imagine. Like I said, I am very shocked and I know their parents must be unaware of these escapades because we all know how things like this end up! yes, they must likely end up with unwanted pregnancies, you can watch the videos below:

-- Olandetujaa (m) at 16-05-2019 10:48AM
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Pervert Children!
-- willyking (m) at 16-05-2019 10:53AM
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They have kill the men in this new generation kids when I was like this we don't play these kind of play because our blood was very hot and active believe me it will trigger action something may happen believe me it even lead to pregnancy,  but now see youth young men carrying the dick that is as weak as 60 years old man, what kill the African man in them I don't know emerging their dick will never rise something is wrong some where that why our African youth are now looking for tremadol up and down to feel like a real man untop of a woman..
-- maxzy277 (m) at 16-05-2019 02:01PM
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What a pity, this kids should look for better life
-- kacylee (f) at 16-05-2019 07:42PM
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school have scatter oo

-- Doyourworst (m) at 16-05-2019 08:33PM
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South Africa!....The Sodom of our generation!.
-- Baye77 Online (m) at 19-05-2019 05:00AM
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SA is another world in Africa...