Meet The World's Richest Women. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Beyonce and Serena Williams Make Cup

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In this 21st century, women's place is no longer in the kitchen, women are now in boardrooms taking important decisions that will affect our everyday life, now and forever. Forbes released the list of the richest self made women in the world and we have some of the Americans that made the list, You will be surprised at the age and worth of some of these super rich stars, check out the list below:

#10: Serena Williams, 37 Years Old ($225 Million):

#9: Reese Witherspoon, 43 Years Old ($240 Million):

#8 Ellen Degeneres, 61 Years Old ($330 Million):

#7: Taylor Swift, 29 Years Old ($360 Million):

#6: Kim Kardashian, 38 Years Old ($370 Million):

#5: Beyonce, 37 Years Old ($400 Million):

#4 Madonna, 60 Years Old ($570 Million):

#3: Rihanna, 31 Years Old ($600 Million):

#2: Kylie Jenner, 21 Years Old ($1 Billion):

#1 Opera Winfery, 65 Years Old ($2.5 Billion):

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And I worth less than $500, these women's head ain't different from mine. I'm off to work