Video: If Your Boyfriend Does Not Beat You, He Does Not Love You - Disturbed Nigerian Lady

(m) at 5-07-2019 01:32PM (9 months ago)

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"If your boyfriend doesn’t beat you once in a while,then he doesn’t love you ..I can’t date a guy who doesn’t beat me", this were the words of a lady who shared a video on her Instagram page, Ladies in the house is this true?

Olandetujaa (m) at 5-07-2019 01:58PM
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Until he kills you. NDI ARA!
NewmanG (m) at 5-07-2019 02:10PM
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She's under the bondage of a kind of demon. Some ladies like her will want their man to slap or hit them before they can enjoy sex. Anything violence is demonic, take it or leave it.
Baye77 (m) at 5-07-2019 02:28PM
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Ok madam
emma4love3 (m) at 5-07-2019 02:30PM
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hehehehe some love it like that....ooooh...not her fault
BayoAsaph (m) at 5-07-2019 03:14PM
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I think she is officially suffering from a BRAIN DISEASE

Brave5500 (m) at 5-07-2019 04:54PM
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U foolish nor B small.. Go to western world whn a man beats his partner is called domestic violence and u got jail term for it,,, u refused to study thereby forced urself on a man after which u want to encourage urself.... back off dear use ur data for something that will influence d society dont promote ur foolishness.. .
WhenYouThinkAboutIt (m) at 5-07-2019 05:16PM
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like they said, some enjoy beatings
WhenYouThinkAboutIt (m) at 5-07-2019 05:17PM
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I will not want to associate with such a person.
WillMercy79 (m) at 5-07-2019 06:23PM
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no she have innocent brainstorm. she needs deliverance.
kp45 (m) at 6-07-2019 06:11AM
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