22-Year-Old White Woman Gives Birth To Black Boy, Blames Husband For Drinking Too Much Coffee

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Recently in South Florida, at the SF Baptist Hospital, 22 year old white woman, Annie Cockledoo, gave birth to a beautiful baby boy weighing in at 4.6kg.

Local news picked up on the story, in an exclusive interview Annie’s husband, also white, said he was overjoyed to be a father, in an interview he said: “When the doctors placed my newborn son in my arms i was pretty shocked to see i was holding a coloured child. I asked Annie to explain herself, I mean, I’m no racist, the colour of his skin doesn’t bother me at all but i had to get it straight in my mind so I asked her if she cheated on me.” Annie’s answer? “I didn’t cheat, he came out coloured because all you drink is that damn coffee, no milk, no sugar, you never drink anything else. It has to be the coffee.

The husband, who does drink a lot of coffee, double roast espresso to be precise claimed that he felt guilty for doubting his wife. “We’ve been married for 8 months which is a long time for me. It’s true, i do like my coffee. I drink the strong stuff all day long and i think she’s right.

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Tales by moonlight. Without a DNA test, your mind will never be at peace. Women nowadays are more sharp than before. It's better done sooner than later.
-- tonyigho Online (m) at 21-07-2019 05:30AM
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DNA test is answer.
-- waffibabe (f) at 21-07-2019 05:54AM
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They  change her baby or she was dealing with black dick
-- emma4love3 (m) at 21-07-2019 07:56AM
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the woman don sleep with black dude.... in the midst of their horneymoon..... oga coffee man go for DNA .. as all of us as said
-- Baye77 Online (m) at 21-07-2019 12:13PM
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Coffee???this is a joke
-- abcdqwer (m) at 21-07-2019 04:46PM
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Maybe they will see coffee in the DNA test too
-- Kentbig (m) at 22-07-2019 08:23AM
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Well I believe this story is not real, how can two coloured person, give birth to  other colour, for drinking black coffee, lies, woman acknowledge what you have.
-- kacylee (f) at 22-07-2019 10:05AM
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like seriiously Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? woman u better say the truth

-- ikpotokin (m) at 22-07-2019 10:37AM
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-- horizontal (f) at 26-07-2019 05:13AM
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ahaaaaaaaa madness every were is in this world...that could Nigerian child...