How To Secure Your Mobile Device

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Mobile phones have arguably become one of the most valuable assets of virtually every individual on the planet. On a regular basis, mobile phones are becoming more powerful, with developers adding more powerful features and functions on a daily basis.

For all its power, the mobile phone is still one of the most vulnerable assets any individual can have. Scandals are products of hacks on mobile devices, showing just how vulnerable they can be and how a couple of information on your mobile device can be used against you.

The good news, however, is that you can secure your mobile device from harmful hacks and data breach.

Here is how;

1. Keep a password protected device:
By protecting your device and files, you are adding an extra layer of protection to your mobile device. Making it difficult for hackers and unauthorized persons to access your mobile phone and its content.

2. Download apps from only trusted sources (Google Play/Apple store):
As much as there are lots of app stores on the internet, there are only a few app stores where you can be sure that the apps are without malware or viruses that can be used to infiltrate your mobile device. Top of that list is Google’s Playstore and Apple’s App store. Apps stored on these stores are guaranteed to not harm your mobile device or contain malware.

3. Turn off geotagging on your photos:
Geotagging is a mobile phone feature which allows people other than yourself see the location where you take your pictures, whenever you take a picture. Leaving this on will allow people to have access to your location which as you know can be very risky.

4. Set up “Find my phone”:
Arguably all mobile phone operating systems have this feature on their mobile devices. This feature can be used to help you find your phone if it ever gets lost. So in the case of theft or misplaced phones, this function will help you track your mobile phone’s movement and position at any time.

5. Use Phoenix Browser:
It is no doubt that one of the most vulnerable parts of any mobile device is the internet. Lots of insecure websites exist on the internet, with hackers lurking virtually everywhere waiting for the right time to pounce on their prey. Phoenix Browser helps you secure your browsing activity and blocks unauthorized access to your device in the form of pop-up ads. The privacy and incognito mode also blocks website administrators from stealing vital information from your mobile device while surfing the internet.

Cheers to a safer and more enjoyable internet experience.

Download Phoenix Browser here;

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