Quantum Healing: Unlocking Your Highest Potential To Become The Best Version Of Yourself

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Nothing is more important to any human than their health and overall well-being, which means physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. However, there are so many factors in the environments we live in that come to interfere with this wellness. From physical impact to stress, infection with disease agents and other substances that affect the normal functioning of the body, your overall well-being is always at risk of being breached. But thanks to the brilliant minds amongst us humans, there are always ways to restore the human body back to its proper functioning, which is the sheer definition of ‘healthy’.

Forget the modern and conventional ways of treatment though. Did you know that healing is not all about taking medicine after falling sick? If at least you have a clue, there’s a high chance that you’ve heard about alternative medicine and traditional treatment approaches such as Ayurveda, tai chi, meditation, reflexology, and the like! At some point in your life, you’ve probably also heard quantum healing being mentioned somewhere. Dolores Cannon, the person behind the development of the quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT), says that quantum healing is all about accessing that higher power hidden within us, and using it to trigger self-healing of our mind and body. It could be used to relieve physical pain, mental trauma, and even emotional pain by rebalancing our “Sub Conscious” selves.
This article seeks to define and describe quantum healing and shed more light on how it can be used to unlock your “higher power” for you to become a better version of yourself. Starting with its mere definition, let’s get the ball rolling.

What is Quantum Healing?
Also known as quantum energy healing, quantum healing is a treatment approach that utilizes the natural energy found in the human body to restore balance and bring optimal wellness, or healing. It makes use of the body’s life force or energy, which, according to quantum physics; is the energy that sustains life in all living organisms. This energy has several names, including Chi (Chinese), Prana (Sanskrit). However, it is not to be confused with other traditional healing techniques such as tai chi, Ayurveda, reflexology, and reiki, and acupuncture, even though it can be combined with these to achieve overall wellness as will be revealed later in this article.

The Origin of Quantum Healing
As a term, Quantum Healing was introduced to the world in 1989 by Deepak Chopra, a popular American author, and advocate of alternative medicine who was born in India. This was through his book titled, Quantum Healing, in which he tried to explain some types of dramatic and sudden healing conventional medicine would barely explain. Even though Deepak later received a considerable amount of criticism from scholars and research scientists about popularizing an ideology that had less facts and scientific proofs, his arguments would come to be true a few years later when dozens of other researchers did scientific experiments that supported his theory.

A Look at How Disease Occurs
Without getting deep into linguistics, the word disease simply refers to the lack of ease (dis-ease) in the body, mind, (or spirit). It may be a bit difficult to decipher in a layman’s language, but the disease actually starts from the cellular level. But our bodies are made up of matter (which is physical), and energy (non-physical). The latter may be chemical energy or life force, which is basically what keeps us alive. We are healthy and well when this energy is flowing unobstructed throughout the various parts of the body.

However, factors such as painful events in life, toxins, pollutants, and anything else that may make you feel uncomfortable may disrupt this natural state and flow of energy through the body, leading to resistance, which in turn renders the body unhealthy. This is because, without a proper balance, the equilibrium between the conversion of matter into energy and energy into matter (which is a major function of cells) is broken. Quantum energy (energy within the self) can help restore this equilibrium, leading to mind-body healing.

The Quantum Healing Principle
Our bodies have the inherent ability to heal themselves and cellular healing is all about promoting energy flow equilibrium through thought, to achieve an energy balance in the mind, body, and spirit. When bombarded with negative energy from chemical pollutants, toxins, antigens from disease agents, or stress hormones, cells become reactive or overactive, sometimes with the help of the immune system. This results in the excess accumulation of energy between cells, which is unable to flow fast enough through to other cells or areas of the body. This energy or life force becomes “stuck” in the affected areas and the cells in question becomes “blocked”, resulting in the manifestation of symptoms such as stiffness, pain, irritation, and mucus blockage, among others. Healing occurs only when this energy is able to flow freely, which can be achieved using the following quantum healing techniques.

Techniques Used In Quantum Healing

There’s a wide variety of techniques used in quantum healing. Quantum touch, for instance, is a technique that triggers natural healing using vibration therapy, the sense of touch, body awareness meditation, and breath. While at it, quantum touch therapy also improves bone health through vibration therapy.

In addition to this, quantum energy healing can also be combined with other forms of alternative healing as hinted out earlier. Some of these may include chiropractic techniques, acupuncture, yoga, reflexology, qigong, osteopathy, Craniosacral therapy, the Japanese Reiki, and physical therapy, among others. Expert practitioners in many fields of alternative medicine have discovered tremendous improvements in their patients and even complete healing when quantum healing techniques are used in combination with other treatment approaches.

In summary, it is safe to conclude at this point, that healing is in your body. The energy that is within you; that which sustains life in all living things can work magic to restore your mind, body and soul balance, bringing it back into its natural state. Quantum healing can help you to become the best version of yourself!

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