See Actual Footage Of The Accident That Led To The Hospitalisation/Death Of Singer Dj Arafat (WATCH)

Date: 12-08-2019 10:20 pm (2 years ago) | Author: success Xenab
- at 12-08-2019 10:20 PM (2 years ago)

Popular Ivorian musician, Houon Ange Didier known artistically as #DJArafat who passed away at the age of 33.

the famous singer DJ Arafat was the victim of a serious traffic accident in Abidjan on the night of August 11th to 12th. He was transported unconscious to the hospital.

Watch the Actual footage of the accident that led to his hospitalisation/death.

Posted: at 12-08-2019 10:20 PM (2 years ago) | Hero
- fineboy77 at 12-08-2019 11:03 PM (2 years ago)
Heard he survived,so i dont really know what to believe right now. But all this speeding on a busy road,and at night for that matter,what for?,sometimes,i dont understand the mentality of these bikers......,I have had an instance where I was coming back from the club early in the morning,and the road was so empty,so I was speeding and I had my friend in the front and another at the back....all of a sudden,a biker overtook me with such speed that makes you think that you are standing at one place,remember that i said that i was speeding,but the speed of that bike was almost the speed of light,as i just told my friends that this guy wants to kill himself,the next thing i heard was the crash about 400 meters ahead. It happened that as he approached a junction,another car was crossing with speed thinking that by that time of the morning,the road should be clear,and he went in without looking and in a flash,the overspeeding bike hit the booth part of the car and the Power Bike man went 20 meters high and crashed on the road. Being that I am not in my country,i didn't even stop,i just swerved and drove home before the story go change say na the foreigner do am. But driving past and looking at that bike man,there was no hope.

Posted: at 12-08-2019 11:03 PM (2 years ago) | Hero
- emma4love3 at 13-08-2019 06:18 AM (2 years ago)
well am a biker, i ride with respect not this type riding especially at
night doing stunt and over speeding in traffic areas.... i stil dont
want to believe that he is on drugs while riding that honda rabbit face...
that same bike killed my biker friend windy.....   RIP TO THE FALLEN BIKER
Posted: at 13-08-2019 06:18 AM (2 years ago) | Hero
- everyday247 at 13-08-2019 09:35 AM (2 years ago)
I am a biker as well and always ride with care. I am always conscious i am on two wheels and that's one area several bikers fail.Life has no duplicate. Caution should always be our watchword each time we are acting. REST IN PEACE DJ ARAFAT.....
Posted: at 13-08-2019 09:35 AM (2 years ago) | Newbie
- allenspike at 13-08-2019 01:51 PM (2 years ago)
Just look at the deadly way he's riding on one wheel chai
Posted: at 13-08-2019 01:51 PM (2 years ago) | Gistmaniac