What Will You Do In This Situation?

Published 6 months ago by: Olusanya Akinrinola
at 19-08-2019 03:12PM (6 months ago)

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If you find youself in this situation, what is the next step you will take to make sure things are made right?

You are married for 20 years, you and your hubby only have three beautiful girls. His family are the type that believe a male child is more important and a must have. So you as the wife feel terrible that you haven't given your husband a male child. He assures you that he is okay without a male child..

Hubby falls ill and critically requires a kidney transplant or he will die and you the wife, mother of the three beautiful daughters turn out to be the only perfect match around at this moment, and because you love him you decide you will donate your other kidney to him. One day in preparation to go to the hospital for surgery you where getting all paperwork sorted out, you come across your husband Wili and you read through it and you find out that your husband has 3 boys with another woman like that and he had left 90% of his wealth for those boys and their mother and only leaving 10% for your own girls and you.

- What will you do??

Would you still give him your kidney??

How will you handle the whole situation??

This is serious, please kindly advice.. Thank you and God bless us with wisdom and understanding.

nonsovin at 19-08-2019 03:35PM (6 months ago)
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No need.
Just transfer, divert and sell as possible as u can and make sure u secured enough that will take care of u and ur children.
Since he have such evil mind against u, sacrificing ur kidney will mean nothing to him coz he will never value or appreciate it.
What a wicked world.
Doyourworst at 19-08-2019 03:38PM (6 months ago)
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Give him my?Huh?Huh?Huh??. I mean, my approval to move on without him.
Haso112 at 19-08-2019 03:50PM (6 months ago)
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fineboy77 at 19-08-2019 04:45PM (6 months ago)
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saving that life is more important than any material thing. Why are we human beings?,if we can allow someone to die because of money and other vain things?...,like, how can you live with yourself knowing that you let someone die because he didn't give you enough of his wealth?...What moral background will you then have when you tackle doctors that allowed patients to die because deposits were not made?....so please lets think it over before drawing our conclusions.

Slimchery at 19-08-2019 04:47PM (6 months ago)
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Save his life and leave him to his faith after the successful surgery, he will live to ever remember you
samzy13 at 19-08-2019 07:53PM (6 months ago)
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weither he has kids outside or not he is still ur legitimate husband
romanempire at 19-08-2019 08:59PM (6 months ago)
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he deserve no kidney from me,he should tell the mother of his boys to donate her kidney to him, nonsense and ingredients
Angeluloaku at 19-08-2019 11:16PM (6 months ago)
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What if you give him ur kidney and die nko? That man will go ahead and marry the mother of his boys. I don't like unfaithful men full stop, My follow women be wise.If the man is faithful and nice to me, I can even give out my two kidneys to him I swear, But in dis case no way plzzzzzz

DrSoba at 20-08-2019 07:15AM (6 months ago)
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I can't think in this situation because am not a woman
taypetdun at 20-08-2019 10:15AM (6 months ago)
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Love does not count wrong or hate or hurt feelings, which is why Jesus said if had a slap on one cheek turn the other cheek also. This to allow peace to reign. For the fact that the  man is living with you and your girls means he has the love for you but the African culture tied his hands.  I know he did it  under undue influence from the family that was why    he lives distance away from them. Now is the matter of life and death, and you need to save life. If you love him save his life first and the issue of 'will' be sorted out. By God's grace he survives,  have a heart to heart chat with him. Nothing is impossible to God, having donated your kidney to save his life, will change his mind to make amend to the WILL. Go ahead, he is your husband and do not abandon  him in this difficult moment because of material wealth, if he dies you will be blamed and black mailed. May God grant you the love  to save your husband in Jesus name, amen. Be blessed. Please, do not listen to side talks. the issue is husband and wife and not for crowd. Take care.