See Nigeria's New Rank in The Top African Countries With The Strongest Military

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Global Fire Power is an organization that is widely known for having a fairly accurate understanding of the militaries in the world. It uses its own calculation system based on the following parameters:

Total populations, available manpower, manpower fit-for-service, manpower reaching military age annually, active military manpower, and active reserve military manpower.

Air power:

Total aircraft strength, fighters and interceptors, attack aircraft, transports, trainers, total helicopters, attack helicopters, and serviceable airports.

Army Strength:

Combat tanks, armored fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery, towed artillery, and rocket projectors.

Naval Power:

Total naval strength aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, submarines, patrol craft, and mine warfare.

Financial Resources:

Annual defense budgets, external debt, reserves of foreign exchange and gold, and purchasing power parity.

Logistical Resources:

Labor force strength, merchant marine strength, major ports and terminals, roadway coverage, and railway coverage.

Natural Resources:

Oil production, oil consumption and proven oil reserves.


Square land areas, coastline, shared borders, and waterway coverage.

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