If I Clock 40, I Will Marry 3 Men, Build Houses For Them And Choose Who To Share My Bed With – Toyin

Published 6 months ago by: success Xenab
at 21-08-2019 11:24PM (6 months ago)

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Toyin Lawani is questioning the double standards that allows men to marry multiple wives but frowns at women doing same.

She has now said she will marry 3 husbands when she turns 40 because if a man can do it then so can she.

According to the serial entrepreneur, she will build houses for each of her husbands and there will be a main house where the men will meet her when it’s their turn. She went on to tell men that the world is changing and women can now do what men can do but men can’t do what women can. She used pregnancy as an example.

Read her post below.

She captioned it;

IF MEN CAN, WHY CANT I ? Don’t tell me bullshit that it’s A mans world what A man can do a woman can do better. The world is changing so men needs to sit up. Una phyukup don too much

If you like dont be loyal , I will Marry another one and Replace you women should be Respected worldwide, men can never Give Birth to kids , and I know yea women can’t get pregnant without men,but we can buy sperm

A woman will carry baby for you a whole 9month ,Dedicate 2years of their life to the baby’s care, before she can even work again, you go still cheat On her, Women need to start taking the bulls by its horn , see owo nikoko, if you have money you will marry any type of man you want, when he cheats replace his ass, ladies Double up you hustle and get that money #KINGOFALLQUEENS

tonyigho at 22-08-2019 02:39AM (6 months ago)
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You talk too much, keep anything you want to do to your phyuking self.
ficull at 22-08-2019 03:02AM (6 months ago)
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Errmmm... who’s she again??
nabeng21 at 22-08-2019 03:04AM (6 months ago)
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If ? Hmm! So you are not sure you will clock 40.
ponppy at 22-08-2019 05:08AM (6 months ago)
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Baye77 at 22-08-2019 06:09AM (6 months ago)
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horizontal at 22-08-2019 06:55AM (6 months ago)
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shorie at 22-08-2019 07:30AM (6 months ago)
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