From Archbishop Benson Idahosa Archive! How God Tempted Me When I Was In Dire Need Of Breakthrough

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June 1976, my wife and I visited people we regarded as
parents in the ministry in a country called UNITED STATES OF
AMERICA. We have been in the ministry for years and at that
time, what I now call breakthrough hasn't come. We were
struggling, we were trying and every effort we made seems
there was no breakthrough.

Every effort we made, we try to
have financial breakthrough! We had souls, we had
membership, we had men and women coming to the church
but to make two heads meet wasn't there.
It was difficult to preach at home, then come to America and
see that in a meeting of two thousand people, it will cost
them two hundred thousand dollars to put it together, when I
can spend two hundred dollars and get twenty thousand

So, it became very hard for me to think that here
(America) is a nation with money and people refused to hear
and here(Nigeria) I am with people and there is no money to
tell them. We began to pray on what to do.
Then June, 1976, my wife and I went to visit our spiritual
parents whom I have known since 1960. While we were there,
the Lord led these spiritual father to me to say "Benson, come
to the car", my wife and I went into the car and he began to
drive us round and he said the Lord's want me to be a blessing to you and your wife and that's the only one thing you don't tempt me with.

When God ask you to bless me, don't use
it to tempt me because I will never say NO! He took us to three wealthiest place(most wealthy, wealthy and the well to do area) and I want you to choose a home of all the homes
advertised for sale and our foundation will buy you this home
and give you few years to pay us back. But I know the Bible says, lead us not into temptation but these was genuine Holy
Ghost temptation and I am going to fall into it.

My wife and I went with them, we did not know which of which is the three area. We started from the well to do area,
the first home we saw(four bedrooms basement) looks so
beautiful and the home we had at that time was a house. So,
we said, we choose this. He said don't choose yet.
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