Billionaire Wife, Regina Daniels Unbothered By The Incident In South Africa, Flaunts Her Curve

Published 5 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 4-09-2019 05:10PM (5 months ago)

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Regina Daniels is such an happy soul! She is so unpertubed with all the incidences going on in South Africa at the moment (After all she did not tell any Nigerian to leave Nigeria for South Africa). The billionaire's wife, shares some usual photo of her curves as she relaxes in her husband's massive mansion, checkout the photos below:

fineboy77 at 4-09-2019 05:25PM (5 months ago)
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How can a money grabber be bothered by anything else?

james987 at 4-09-2019 05:34PM (5 months ago)
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Who is she abeg? It's high time una begin dey measure people in regards to academic standards. Thats why we went 100% backward from where we were before 2015.  She get mouth before?
nonsovin at 4-09-2019 10:04PM (5 months ago)
(3239 | Gistmaniac) (m)

I can't even imagine myself as a guy putting on only pant in public, talk more of a woman that supposed to be more ashem.
Rudolf888 at 4-09-2019 10:43PM (5 months ago)
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She is only showing her inadequacy and portraying her nuisance value. 
Swissnaija at 4-09-2019 10:58PM (5 months ago)
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Where are the curves please?
dopygenius at 5-09-2019 02:11AM (5 months ago)
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Poster why do u always like posting nonsense of this girl, abi u dey admire her?
Isima1010 at 5-09-2019 03:17AM (5 months ago)
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Ojuju calabar  Grin
Kormeijama at 5-09-2019 08:25AM (5 months ago)
(468 | Upcoming) (m)

No orga ,Regina doesn't need any degree to exhibit good morale. Its mostly the educated class that have brought Africans nations to its knees- not the  illiterate. Intellectualism is Africa appears to be a license to embezzle public funds and disrespect others not like you. I wonder how academic degrees  do Bill and Melinda Gates got ,or face Zuckerberg, etc. Leave this poor girl alone to leave her life. Honesty, patriotism and wit got nothing to do with intellectualism or  degrees.
emma4love3 at 5-09-2019 09:40AM (5 months ago)
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hehehehe see her pant like baby pampers....
nonsovin at 5-09-2019 01:28PM (5 months ago)
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Quote from: emma4love3 on  5-09-2019 09:40AM
hehehehe see her pant like baby pampers....
Primajohn at 7-09-2019 12:18PM (5 months ago)
(31 | Newbie) (m)

my wife will come out like this in the name of flaunting curve. Hmmmm Thunder Fire Satan