VIDEO: Video Of Texas Preacher, Pastor David Wilson Eating Up a Female Church Member

7 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 18-10-2019 02:45PM (7 months ago)

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 American Pastor Seen Using His 'Holy Tongue' To Bless A Woman's downpart. The man identified as Pastor Wilson in the viral video is a popular preacher in Texas and the woman in the video is said to be one of his congregant. The reaction to the video clip has been epic as expected, some people are hailing the pastor for doing a thorough job on the lady and some others just not happy that a trusted man of God has acted in such a manner, you can read the full reactions here:

erichoko1 (m) at 18-10-2019 03:03PM
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this man is a pro.
Baye77 (m) at 18-10-2019 03:14PM
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This is a pornographic this is allowed on this site??
victorstic1 (m) at 18-10-2019 04:36PM
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This is his own understanding of power in the tongue
Doyourworst (m) at 18-10-2019 04:55PM
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A pornstar!...not a pastor. Even his father the devil is amazed by his expertise in such field. Lord have mercy!.Chai.
Henrybobo (m) at 18-10-2019 05:49PM
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Nawa o
ebescopy (m) at 18-10-2019 08:04PM
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If there was no video proof, he would have denied it all. The gullible ignoble ignoramus should keep being fools.
kennynaija (m) at 18-10-2019 10:10PM
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