EXPOSED! Buhari Demoted Vice President Osinbajo Because Of His Tribalistic Decisions

Published 3 weeks ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 11:10 PM, 20/10/2019 (3 weeks ago)

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It is no news that Vice-President Osinbajo is not enjoying the best of times at the Aso Rock villa and the reason is due to the fact that he has been stripped of the several powers that were initially assigned to him and the little projects that he was in charge of has also been taken away from him! Gistmania has been able to get some new information from an Aso Rock insider, Dr Junaid Mohammed who has revealed that Dr. Yemi Osinbajo has been showing extreme signs of tribalism and bigotry during times when the president was away for sick leave in London. According to him, Prof Osinbajo, like most Nigerians, is tribalistic and employed members of his church and tribesmen during the period President Buhari was away in London on a sick leave.

In an interview with the Sun, Mohammed said Osinbajo made some mistakes in the discharge of his functions as the Acting President, adding that on the whole Osinbajo was tribalistic and focused more on his people.

“You don’t run a country by assuming that you are entitled to certain powers, certain privileges. You are not! We have a written constitution, which provides enormous powers to only one person – the president.

“The president has the right to delegate some of these powers to anybody, including the vice president. But in terms of a written authority to exercise certain functions and powers, the vice president in my reading of the Constitution has basically only two powers.

“One, the vice president is the Chairman of the National Economic Council and that is an occasional meeting – not more than once in a quarter – to discuss general economic policies because we are running a federation.

“Apart from that, the vice president also is the Chairman of the National Boundaries Commission. Again that harkens back to the issue of running a federation.

“If you are running a federation, there must be somebody that advises the president or the vice president on the issue of legal borders, even for the purposes of taxation.

“Beyond these, every single responsibility, which is being exercised by the vice president was at the instance or was the responsibility delegated to him by the president.

“The president had challenges, and even before he became the president he was not in the best of health, but people did not pay much attention.

“And so when he became very seriously sick and the Federal Government mismanaged, not the sickness, but the flow of information; they were not at the same level with the rest of the country, they were not telling us the truth, until the man had to stay for 37 days and later again for over 100 days in-between hospitals and the official residence of the High Commissioner in London.

“Whether he wanted to hand over some or all of the responsibilities, there was just no way we could have a country without a president or somebody exercising the powers of the president. But that doesn’t mean that these powers are or belonged to the vice president as a birthright.

“No! I believe he (Osinbajo) made some mistakes (in the discharge of this function), but I also believe that on the whole his body language and his verbal expressions did not lead us into a crisis. He didn’t abuse those powers.

“I find that most unfortunate because if a man says go and do this on his behalf, he has the right to withdraw and say I have reassigned it to myself or to somebody else as the law provides. I find the whole attitude from these people rather disgraceful.”

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Dubale4tnb1 at 06:17 AM, 21/10/2019 (3 weeks ago)
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idiotic attention seekers.
kaposky at 07:09 AM, 21/10/2019 (3 weeks ago)
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scottchris at 09:44 AM, 21/10/2019 (3 weeks ago)
(3570 | Gistmaniac) (m)

I can imagine what Osibanjo is going through.... he should just resign and go

olowoinlionsden at 10:19 AM, 21/10/2019 (3 weeks ago)
(1271 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Typical Hausa Fulani bigot. Unfortunately this slot has failed to disclose the perceived 'mistakes' of the VP. If this idiot is not so dumb, he would have removed the log in his eye before pointing at the speck in VP"s own.  Has thus Country not been 'mumurised' by his Sponsors? In reality, what we have now in this unfortunate Country are: Northern Nigerian Army, Air Force, Police, Customs, Immigration, etc, etc, and nobody is talking. I hope this charlatan and Hus co travellers will not force their hands into a closed mouth, else they will be chopped off in frustration.


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