Update On Bobrisky's Street Fight! Driver Shares His Side of The Gist As He's Being Jailed(VID)

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Yester-evening, Nigeria's male barbie, bobrisky was given the beating of his life by an angry driver who bashed his/her new range rover velar.Well the angry driver have come out to share his own side of the story and gist has it that the man spent the night in jail for bashing Bobrisky’s new Range Rover, damaging his iPhone11 and assaulting him.

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Oga u for beat am very well...... then u go just turn celebrity once

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Now you are begging,  something you can control and settled amicably  but you allowed your angered to control you instead, you have to pay for the phone and fix  the car, do you have money to pay it it? He was supposed to snap your plate number in case if you run.
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Quote from: scottchris on 22-10-2019 09:31AM
Oga u for beat am very well...... then u go just turn celebrity once
to think you are a moderator on this platform,why do you condone nonsense, irrespective of cross dressing of bob risky does that excuse the fact of wrecking some ones car and iphone and beating the victim on top, you are a disgrace to this gistmania platform.