How to create a WordPress website (step by step with images)

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If you’ve been putting off the decision to set up a website for your small business because you assume it will be complicated or time-consuming, don’t worry. Creating a personal website or an eCommerce site is remarkably easy to set up on a WordPress content management platform. In fact, most people can go from start to finish in about 30 minutes — without any advanced tech skills or special training.

While there are literally hundreds of free hosting platforms out there, the self-hosting options available with WordPress.Org give small business owners much more control over their site. WordPress is better for creating websites than a site builder because of the flexibility it provides users with the website building experience. Whether a user is creating dynamic posts in the editor or amplifying your website with plugins, WordPress makes website creation easy for any user.

If you aren’t sure which approach is best for you, take a couple of minutes to review the differences. Because you’ll need to choose a hosting provider to use, this tutorial will walk you through launching a self-hosted website with Bluehost optimized WordPress hosting.

So let’s get started: here’s how to create a WordPress website in five quick steps.

Step One: Getting Started and Choosing a Domain Name
Before you can begin building your website, you will get started on the homepage which will direct you to select your domain.

Your domain name is what people type into their browser to get to your website. Though it’s tempting to choose something funny or flashy, pick a domain that both represents your brand and makes it easy for people to find you.

For example, “” is better than “” because searchers that are looking for Bob by name or for welding services are more likely to find him. The decision to register your domain name will depend on your reasons for building the website.

One of the advantages of using a hosting service like Bluehost (which WordPress recommends) is that you can purchase your domain name and hosting service from the same provider. Simply type in your desired domain name, click on the “next” button, and the system will verify whether your choice is available. You can also choose an alternative top-level domain from the drop-down menu. For example, you may want .club or .us instead of .com.

Step Two: Choose Your Package and Set Up Your Hosting Account
Once you have established your domain name, you’ll need to create an account for your hosting package. Enter your personal information into each field and then scroll down to the package lists (Basic, Plus, or Business Pro) and choose an option that fits your budget and service needs. Prices vary across hosting providers, but most offer add-ons, like extra security features, tools to boost search rankings, and site backup.We recommend the Choice Plus Plan which features domain privacy protection and site backup for your website.

Check the appropriate boxes and scroll down to enter your billing information. Take a moment to read through the terms of service, cancellation policy, and privacy notices, then click the box to confirm that you agree with the policies. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a password and, boom, you are ready for step three: choosing your WordPress theme.

Step Three: Choose a WordPress Theme
If you’ve chosen Bluehost as your web host, WordPress will be automatically installed for you. All you have to do is click, ‘Log in’ and choose a theme. if you aren’t sure which theme you want, don’t worry! You can go back and change it later. If you don’t like the generic themes, you can upgrade to one of the premium

The next screen will ask if you are building your website for Personal or Business reasons. This will help us provide you with accurate recommendations to help on your website building journal.

Step Four: Learn Your WordPress Dashboard
Now that you are ready to start working, you should find yourself on the Dashboard, or the back-end, for your new website. This is the service area that allows you to control what your website visitors will see when they land on your pages. Spend some time learning this dashboard by reviewing features that you will use most often.

Step Five: Customize Themes and Pages
Let the fun begin! You are ready to start fine-tuning your site with your color choices, font styles, and special elements that will help you express your company culture or personality. You can dive right in and write your first post, but it’s beneficial to get to know the features and functionality of your site first.

On the left-hand sidebar you’ll find navigation links that allow you to customize your site. The best way to get to know your way around is to click on each tab and explore the options.

Browse the themes; there are paid and free options available.
Customize your theme with colors, headers, and social media buttons.
Upload photos to inspire your site visitors and add clues about your values and services.
Create your first blog post and main page content.
Add a contact form
Don’t forget to set up Google Analytics in order to collect data on visitors coming to your site and link Google Search Console to make sure there are no errors.

Remember bluehost has been named one of the most reliable and cheap web hosting service, that’s why we keep recommending it to you

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Tbh, WordPress is a very inconvenient platform for novice bloggers, I would look for other alternatives. Instagram is better.
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