#KogiDecides2019: Photos Of Vote Buying and Serious Threats To Democracy in Nigeria

Published On: November 16, 2019, 9:22 pm (1 year ago)
Author: Daniel Bosai

Today is election day in Nigeria and two of the most important states in the country, Kogi state and Bayelsa state are having governorship elections (Kogi state is also having senatorial election fro Kogi West senatorial district). The (not so) news here is the vicious cycle of poverty and voting rights where we see majority of the electorate selling their right to vote to politician agents for as low as N1000 (7 dollars), this has been the case since the 90's and unfortunately this cycle continues like it is here to stay. So other polling units where votes are not sold are marred with serious violence that has been instigated by the political party that is most likely to lose in those wards. All these pointers are further proof that Nigeria is by far not ready for democracy in its full form yet and unfortunately paints a very bad image for the nation. We have some photos of the votes buying below:

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the how many billions approved to Bello is working. which way Nigeria!
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