Video and Full Names Of FUTA Students Who Beat 100L Fresher Yesterday

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We now have new information regarding the incident at Federal University of Technology, Akure, Yesterday when a 100 Level student from the department of  Ecotourism and wildlife management, who has been simply identified as "Bolu" - We have her photo below:

The new update regarding the perpetrators of the act is that they have all been rusticated from the school (this includes the person filming the video on a mobile phone) and 2 of the culprits that were caught have been handed over to the police. The male in the scene, identified as Obalola has allegedly been "on the run" and has not been sighted since the incident went viral yesterday. The others that have been caught have however been expelled and handed to the police for further adjudication.

Here are the culprits that have been identified so far:

Faith Oluwadare




School father, Obalola

Some of the culprits are however still not remorseful despite the uproar in the video, one of them in particular - Jessica, Posted this on her whatsapp status few moments after the incident went viral:

Jessica From FUTA

This case is still actively being investigated and ongoing, we will bring you new facts as they are uncovered.

Here is the video of the attack:

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-- crocatum (m) at 17-11-2019 12:42PM
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they should be lenient with the person who took the video, without the video, the public would not know how serious it was, and there would be no glaring evidence
-- crocatum (m) at 17-11-2019 12:45PM
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Youths should learn to stop the culture of brutality, and violence, epecially ganging up, to commit acts of violence. How can youths with brains, come together to commit such crime
-- crocatum (m) at 17-11-2019 02:03PM
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 Wink Learn to respect and value other people and respect their boundaries, for it is also sacred and will bring goodness to you and Society.
-- Baye77 (m) at 17-11-2019 04:48PM
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Bunch of cowards!
I'm just ashamed that "school father" has a penis between his legs....u r such a coward u dont worth being a man...jail them all!