Tonto Dikeh Had An Abortion For a Popular Musician - SDK Slams Tonto Dikeh Again

6 months ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 25-11-2019 04:56PM (6 months ago)

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The cold war between Stella and Tonto Dikeh has gotten to another level as Tonto Dikeh has promised to "exposed" Stella Dimoko Korkus for "begging" her for money. Stella has now come out to explain the saga and what led to the situation, since the money she was asking was not even for herself but for someone she referred to her "foundation" to help - read the message from Stella below:

Check the time? It waits for no one and we must get all our facts right. When you tell one lie. You need another one to cover it and I won’t go that lane with u. Don’t ever come for me again you witch. ...the only thing you and I have in common is that we have both had abortions. Me for a nobody and u for a popular musician. DAMN!.....And warn that your bingo that attacked me-that his chats with the one held by EFCC is not a secret ..HOEloshi.
I will explain the reason u said I started a war with you.
A Lady that reads my blog had two of her sickler sons VERY-sick and she approached me for small money to buy drugs and take them to hospital. She had no one. Her husband had run off cos of the bills. I was expecting a new token which was to arrive December of that year when I would get visitors this was a long time from when this woman was asking. I didn’t ask anyone else cos I didn’t know who to turn to that would support this woman. I saw Tonto Dikeh advertising her charity stuff and I thot it would be great since the woman also lives in Abuja. I messaged Tonto on Instagram and explained to her and she said no problem and I forwarded the lady’s number and account and felt relieved and surprised cos someone had warned me that she would not do it and would cuss me out and save our chats to use against me later. This woman cried to me three times and I reminded Tonto and she kept telling me it would be done on the afternoon of the three times I reminded her. Two weeks later the worst happened and when the lady contacted me to tell me. I was angry and messaged Tonto asking her why she lied that she would do it. She began to insult me immediately and call me a beggar and told me if I cared so much i should have given the lady the money ,I told her her foundation was fake and i would make sure no one donated monies to her cos she was shopping with these monies. I didn’t want exchange words further so I blocked her for many months and closed the chats which also included stuff about her wanting me to do dirt on her ex. ........ this explains why she is lying that I begged her for money. Tonto how much do u have? I am done with ur sorry ass for NOW...

kacylee (f) at 25-11-2019 06:13PM
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hmmm ... na wa ooo, why are they attacking Tonto like this, first na Linda now its Stella

Psalmbes (m) at 25-11-2019 06:44PM
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Not surprised! Tonto is equal to the task!
Baye77 (m) at 25-11-2019 09:22PM
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 Roll Eyes
Asterimou (m) at 25-11-2019 11:54PM
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Tonto can't survive in sane world. She lived and eat in controversies. She is jobless, a rons girl and a controversial harlot.