Nigerian First Lady, Aisha Buhari Disagrees With Sultan, Insists On Social Media Regulation

at 30-11-2019 01:42AM (4 months ago)

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The first lady disclosed this at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA)
Using China as a prime example, Nigeria's first lady, Hajiya Aisha Buhari, has called for the regulation of the social media.

She said since China with about 1.3 billion people can do so, then there is nothing wrong for Nigeria to adopt such measure.

She disclosed this on Friday, November 30, at the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) General Assembly and National Executive Council (NEC) meeting at the National Mosque Abuja, with the theme, “Islam and National Development”. “On this issue of social media, you cannot just sit in the comfort of your house and tweet that the vice president has resigned. It is a serious issue. If China can control over 1.3bn people on social media, I see no reason why Nigeria cannot attempt controlling only 180m people," she said.

According to the first lady the rising insecurity in the country is as a result of injustice.

She said because of this, many Nigerians cannot travel to their states and villages and live peacefully.

Going further, she said there was a need for stakeholders to support President Muhammadu Buhari to fight insecurity.

Sameola1 at 30-11-2019 02:24AM (4 months ago)
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Sameola1 at 30-11-2019 02:59AM (4 months ago)
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I only wish the people in power would copy best practices globally. Wait o! How will this social media bill provide Nigerians with electricity, good roads, standard hospitals, sound education or better still better income for an average Nigerian?
fineboy77 at 30-11-2019 10:29AM (4 months ago)
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misplaced priority

onyioben at 30-11-2019 01:16PM (4 months ago)
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Why remembering China in odd things,,u can't remind Nigerians that China have good roads, steady power supply, steady and good water supply,good hospitals and schools for her citizens, companies everywhere for her citizens to be employed, good facilities in everything for her citizens,, madam Buhari and Custom boss will not tell Nigerians this one's,only want to immitate them on odd things,, custom boss have used China b4 as an example for border closure and now Mrs Buhari have brought her own,, shameless people.
Baye77 at 1-12-2019 01:00PM (4 months ago)
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Social media usage should be controlled...yes, very true, u shouldn't be able to just sit in front of your home with your phone or computer and tweet whatever u like...but also, there should be a bill hanging all looters of national treasure.. China has that too...
dozieson at 6-12-2019 10:16PM (3 months ago)
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Only leaders with skeletons in the cupboards are afraid of social media.