Lady Escapes From Kidnappers After Bishop Oyedepo Started Speaking In Tongues From Flyer (Video

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Bishop Oyedepo shared a testimony of a lady who allegedly escaped from kidnappers after the picture of him on a flyer started speaking in tongues.

According to Bishop Oyedepo who shared the testimony during the annual church program, Shiloh 2019, the kidnappers fell unconscious after the picture of him from a flyer she had on her started speaking in tongues leading to her escape and that of other hostages.

Social media user,
Itam shared online;

The testimonies Bishop Oyedepo shared today were so deep.
There was one about a woman that was kidnapped and suddenly his picture on a flyer lying on the floor started speaking in tongues. The tongues from the flyer made the kidnappers fall down and the woman was able to escape.

Actually, the flyer fell from the woman’s bag and he started speaking in tongues from the flyer.
When the kidnappers fell down unconscious on the floor, she took the knife from one of them and cut herself loose and also released the other hostages.

Watch Oyedepo recount the story in the video below.