Change Your Mindset -Dabota Lawson Comes Hard On Reno Omokri For Scolding Celebrities Fake Life

Published On: December 12, 2019, 7:35 pm
kacy lee
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There is an argument going online between ex beauty queen, Dabota Lawson and Ex President Jonathan's Aide, Reno Omokri about the kind of life celebrities live.

it all started when Reno twitted that celebrities tabulate their assets and minus their liabilities and in reaction Dabota gave an epistle to the former media aide:

This is Reno's tweet:

and this is Dabota's reply

It’s statements like this that actually encourages bad behavior of the youth and grooms robbers .
It should bother you that a 25 year old cannot get access to loans to further their education, buy a car , a house and even furnish it .
A country with a good system and a good structure should encourage such behavior ( people taking loans ) . It is because the system has failed that people have become desperate and feel the need to brag about things that an average citizen with a good credit score should be able to acquire . @renoomokri change your mindset . Celebrity lifestyle has always been flashy and full of make believe, it’s part of the deal . They are not the problem

the point i think is that once an average youth can get support in pursuing their legal and honest dream, then there might be any need to declare a state of emergency on unemployment in Nigeria... What is your view to this, lets talk