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Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) – Undoubtedly, marketing is one of the oldest professions known to man. Long before the establishment of colleges and universities, man has been promoting and selling goods and ideas to his fellow men by employing any available tactics.

Of course, we can argue that the initial methodology lacks in-depth market research and are mostly unrefined, over the years, this age-long profession has been able to adapt to every reality that humans find themselves.

In the beginning (before the industrial revolution), all a seller needs is a strong sales pitch. As production increases (due to the effect of the industrial revolution and rapid technological advancement) and competition for customers became more intense, sellers began to need more than a good speech to sell their products.

Among the variety of marketing options employed by sellers, none was as effective as the print and electronic media. The print and electronic (Television and Radio) media rivalled each other for more than a century and remained the dominant medium for reaching a large audience in that period.

As we all know, the above narrative is no longer valid in today’s world. Within the last 10 – 15 years, the world (Nigeria inclusive) has witnessed significant disruption in this dominance.

There is a massive paradigm shift towards marketing via the internet as it (the internet) has proven repeatedly to be a better and cost-effective medium of marketing.

Beyond being an effective medium, using the internet as a medium of marketing also generates huge and valuable data. What can we do with this data?

The collection of this data to better understand customers’ intentions, behaviours and actions to make one’s marketing campaign more relevant and impactful is known as Digital Consumer Intelligence.

Digital Consumer Intelligence combines digital, survey, social and first-party data sources with data science and Artificial Intelligence (where necessary) before deductions are arrived at.

The result gotten from this medium has proven to be more specific and valuable than that gotten from web analytics alone.

It is the only marketing tech that can guarantee quick and reliable feedback from customers.

From the description above, we can deduce that information gathered through Digital Consumer Intelligence (DCI) is not random data.

They are mostly collected from costumers who chose to contribute to the brand’s development. Through DCI, you can conveniently reach your audience (loyal company/brand advocates and other individuals with similar traits) for insight about your products/services and the possible areas for improvements.

You have a business because there is a need to be met in the market. Meeting these needs will most likely get you the attention of an audience.

Knowing that the market is never static, you need to consistently produce what the consumer wants to stay relevant. Can you always know what your consumers want? With Digital Consumer Intelligence, it is possible.

At Lead Web Praxis, our Digital Consumer Intelligence platform gives us access to millions of data points and interactions about Nigerian consumers. By using first-hand data generated from our platform or that generated from third party data analysts, interested business owners can create a custom audience based on individual data elements like Demographics, preferred browsing device, Operating System, Browser type, Geography, Intent-Based Search, Browsing behaviour and Time.

Below are a few of the benefits associated with implementing Digital Consumer Intelligence tools in one’s business:

    this allows business owners to gather more intelligent data that are useful for marketing activities by providing valuable consumer insight which can be used to improve customer relations.
    It accurately measures the demographics of the audience you are reaching to understand the best method of communication that should be employed and the type of contents that should be created.
    It allows you to reach an audience that shows the behaviour and buying tendencies of your loyal consumers.
    By adding value to the existing transactional and behavioural data derived from analytics and other sources, business owners can create a better customer profile.
    By also including customer’s insight into the decision-making process, customers feel valued and this increases the bond between the business and customers.

Just like every other tech tools, there are lots of Consumer Intelligence platforms that can be used to gather and analyse valuable data. Depending on the type of business you are engaged in, we know just the right platform to put in motion for you.

The present and future of marketing lie heavily in the meaning we make from the information gotten via Consumer Intelligence platforms. Do you want to experience a significant increase in turnover? Are you interested in offering products and services that will always interest consumers? Your best shot at doing that is by investing in the implementation of Digital Consumer Intelligence platforms. After all, DCI is the new oil of marketing.

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