Check Out This Tesla 3 Model Car Spotted In Nigeria, Anambra State That Got Everyone Talking

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Tesla 3 Model Car is designed for electric-powered performance, with dual motor AWD, quick acceleration, long range and fast charging.

The wall connectors enable you to charge your car at home. On average it will take you 10 hours to fully charge your Tesla on the NEMA 14-50 plugs through a 240v outlet.

However, this car with all its qualifications was seen spotted in Nigeria, Anambra state and online users are inquisitive about this very car, the owner and what its doing in the state.

but to my conclusion, Nigeria is a growing country and we can get whatever we wish to.

View photo of the car below;

slicky2000 (m) at 4-01-2020 08:45PM
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The vehicle is Tesla model s and not model 3, so happy for such vehicle to be in Nigeria, Elon Musk is really making the world a better place with invention of Tesla motors, spacex and solar power solution. Hope to have one of its vehicle some day, mostly Tesla model 3 or s  and his recent cyber truck pick up...