I Can Be Very Stupid When In Love – Actress, Bukola Kiitan

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Kiitan is one of the emerging faces in Nollywood.

She has featured in over 25 home movies including ‘Toyawo, ‘Surface’, ‘Ori Eiye’, ‘Ero Ife’, ‘Lugard’ and ‘Kitan’, her own production.

In this chat, Bukola whose role model is screen goddess, Genevieve Nnaji opens up on her journey through the world of make belief. She also talks about her new projects including her love life among other interesting issues.

When did you come into acting?
My first movie appearance was in 2010. I was never serious about it then due to my education. However, three years ago, I returned full blast and since then it has been a very interesting journey.

Tell us about your growing up?
I was born in Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State but I grew up in many places. At different times, I lived in Agege and Mushin in Lagos State, and Ondo town in Ondo State, including Osogbo in Osun State due to the nature of my parents’ jobs.

How did your parents react when you chose acting as a career?
At first, my mum did not want to accept it but later on, she said I should follow my heart;  and ever since, they have been supportive.

What is the title of the movie that brought you into the limelight?
That was ‘Kiitan’; it was the movie that brought me into the limelight, and guess what, I produced it myself. I must confess, it sold me out completely to my fans, and ever since, I have been hopping from one location to the other (laughter).

How do you react to scandals?
Hmmm… I am human, so I feel bad sometimes; but with time, I just told myself that it’s normal, people will always criticize you but use it as a motivation to grow. You know the popular saying, when people throw lemons at you, use them to make lemonades.

Do you have anyone you are dating in the industry?
No, I don’t have any boyfriend in the industry.

But do you wish to have?
Maybe not (Laughter).

What is the craziest thing you can do for love?
I can do anything for love. I can be very stupid at times when I am in love. I always want to please my partner with everything, even not minding displeasing myself.

Have you ever fallen in love wrongly?
It has happened so many times, because my heart is pure and I always believe in love.

So, with all these experiences, how come you have not given up on love?
No, I will never give up on love because love is life.

Could you drop acting for marriage and could you marry a fellow actor?
No, I can’t drop acting for marriage but I can reduce it in order to have time for my family. Talking about marrying an actor, not any more. I used to think so before but not again.

Hmmm… the reason is best known to me.

What’s the best thing that has ever happened to you as an actress?
In acting, I have found a very fluid medium of expression. Acting has helped bring out the best in me.

What have you sacrificed in order to be an actor?
A lot. My time and privacy. My schedule is always scattered but I am grateful still.

What’s the project you are working on currently?
I am working on my second production. I did a part in Dubai and right now, I am planning to finish up the remaining part in Nigeria. And that should be very soon. We are yet to conclude on the title though.

How do you relax and where is your best vacation location?
For now, it is Dubai but I am very adventurous and would greatly love to visit other islands. Like I said earlier, I love adventure so I want to see what is happening everywhere. I am not the type that wants to relocate abroad, but I would love to go on vacation and come back to Nigeria.

What is your New Year resolution?
2020 is my year of breakthrough, my year of divine intervention. My star will shine brighter and many doors of opportunity will open for me this year.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
I see myself in a bigger and better place just like my role model, Genevieve Nnaji, by God’s grace. And for all lovers of Kiitan Bukola, thanks for loving and supporting me. Please, always remember to put me in your prayers.