Deputy Senate President, Augustine Ovie Omo-Agege Was Arrested In USA In 1995 With Fake Cheque

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How does it add up when most of the top leaders of a country are actual convicts in other countries before returning to become politicians and leaders in Nigeria. This was the story of James Ibori who was dismissed from UK homeware store, "Homebase" in the UK, but ended up as the governor of the richest state in Nigeria a few years down the line. would you imagine the current deputy senate president is also suffering such fate? He was arrested in 1995 for trying to cash a dud cheque at the bank of America despite that the cheque in question was fake? He was subsequently banned from practising law in the United States and particularly in the state of California for two years. After the two years he was made to write various mandatory examinations before being allowed to practise law again.

he charge sheet partly reads, “Count 1 of said amended information alleged that on or about March 7, 1992, in the County of Los Angeles, respondent committed the crime of forgery of check in violation of Penal Code section 470, a felony.

“The allegations continue that on or about the date referred to above, respondent signed the name of Elpert Defrietas to a check in the amount of $890 and attempted to pass said check as true and genuine knowing that said check was forged with the intent to defraud the Bank of America, Ahined Mahome and Elpert Defrietas.

“Count 2 of said amended information alleged that on or about March 7, 1993, in the County of Los Angeles, respondent committed the crime of perjury – application for driver’s license in violation of Penal Code section 118, a felony.

“The allegations continue that on or about said date, respondent certified that he had never applied for a California driver license or identification card, when in fact he had applied for license and been issued under the name Augustine Omoagege.”

The court concluded that Omo-Agege was guilty of the charges and convicted him for forgery on November 30, 1995.

Omoagege slightly altered his name when he returned to Nigeria to begin politics, he removed his first name Augustine and adopted Ovie as his first name, this was an intentional move to try to break any relationship to his previous identity in the USA, but unfortunately for him, it is very easy to like such loose identities in this time and age.

Recall that Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, was found guilty by the US Supreme Court of Georgia in February 2007 of stealing $25,000 from his client and suspended from law practice for 36 months.

Femi Gbaja, as he was known in the case file, accepted payment of $25,000 as a personal injury claims and deposited those funds in his attorney trust account in January 2003.

He failed to disburse the funds to his client; instead withdrawing it, closing his practice and returning to Nigeria where he ran for elections to represent Surulere I Federal Constituency in the House of Representative under the Alliance for Democracy in 2003.

Upon arrival in Nigeria, curiously he adopted a longer version of his surname – Gbajabiamila – ostensibly to peel off his suspicious past.

Below are the court documents on this case:

DOCUMENTS: How United State... by Sahara Reporters on Scribd

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send him to jail return all payments in form of salaries,arrears etc
Richman1969 at 21-01-2020 11:09AM (1 month ago)
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exconvicts just like the oba of iwoland
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All those who return to rule nigeria are thieve and wanted for crime in USA or LONDON.
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lolz NIGERIA! that name should be changed