“I Would Rather Share My Hubby With Side Chics Than Lose Him Completely” – Shina Peters’ Wife

Published On: January 26, 2020, 9:56 pm
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Recall that Sammie Ayoka Peters had a colourful 60th birthday party penultimate week in Lagos. Speaking in an exclusive interview at her Lagos home, Sammie opened up on her almost-40-year-old union with her musician husband.

The wife of the legendary musician said;

“I’m married to a musician and I knew from the beginning that women don’t allow musicians to rest. The journey of marriage has been hectic, beautiful, challenging but never rocky. I’ve never thought of divorce in the union and neither has my husband.”

When asked about the concubines lurking around her handsome husband, she said;

“That has not affected my marriage. I’d always said and believed that I’d rather share my husband than lose him to any other woman. That has always been my stance even as a young wife. This is not to encourage my husband or other husbands out there to cheat on their wives, but I adopted that attitude to stay happy and not develop high blood pressure. What I cannot change, I pray to God and He answers me. Nothing my husband does affects me. My love for him is unconditional and nothing can separate me from my husband.

I understand him perfectly, we love each other and he has always respected me. He has never brought another woman to our matrimonial home. I love my husband, I would always love him and I don’t think the love will reduce no matter what happens to us.”

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Going down the memony lane, she recounted how they met saying;

“I met Sir Shina Peters when I was 21. Our parents were close and at a stage they claimed we were related. But we are not—we are just from the same town. We have been together all these years.”

Lastly, she advised women on the best approach to living happily in a marriage without suffering from high blood pressure.

In her words,

“When going into marriage, ask God for patience. Respect your husband even when he has done something wrong. Let him have his food and don’t shout on him. Give room for dialogue and allow him to tell lies even when you know he is a liar. Moreover, if you can just look away and know that men are natural cheats, you would be at peace and pray to God to make your husband respect you and the home. Even if he’s cheating, pray that he doesn’t embarrass you and he should be respectful about those affairs.”

Side Chics weren’t left out as they got their own share of advice.

“Women are women’s problems. Side chics are heartless and would be dating a married man. You break another woman’s home just because of money. Don’t make another woman cry. Leave their husbands alone,” she said.

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