Divorce News Made Foluke Daramola To Lose Her Pregnancy - Husband, Olukayode Salako Reveals

Published 3 weeks ago by: Daniel Bosai
at 29-01-2020 05:40PM (3 weeks ago)

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Foluke Daramola has been revealed to have lost another pregnancy due to miscarriage caused by shock of reading the news about her marriage breakdown and split from husband, Olukayode Salako. Foluke Daramola has been earlier accused of snatching Kayode Salako from another woman who he was originally married to, this has led to several controversies since her wedding. The controversial report was allegedly written by a journalist who goes by the name Olutade Oluwatosin Simeon. Below is the report from Kayode Salako on Foluke Daramola

” Mr. Salako, You are a fool! You are a big fool! I am the one who wrote the story, not Femi Adepoju. Go and do your findings well, you will know I am the one, who did it, not Femi Adepoju. I only used his platform to publish it …”

– Olutade Oluwatosin Simeon, an uncultured, lay about self- acclaimed journalist and hungry blogger.

Gone are the days, when frustrated human beings can just sit down in the corners of their bedrooms to keep using their pens to kill people’s public images and wrecking psychological havocs to people’s emotional sanity, all in the name of practising journalism.

But today, the white man has made it possible for everybody to be a journalist through the prevalent evolution of the social media revolution.

If you feel you can write to kill people psychologically, then the social media platforms has also provided the opportunity for people to immediately respond for people to know you are irresponsible, frustrated and evil.

In today’s world, every human life is a journalist, except if he doesn’t want to explore it or use it.

The white man is not stupid, when he says the pen is mightier than the sword.

The pen is indeed mightier than the sword and it is now in the hands of everybody as a tool.

This is a social media revolutionary era. Everybody is now a journalist.

It is very obvious that Tosin Semion is not properly trained by his parents, so, he is uncultured, and neither is he properly schooled anywhere about the ideal and professional practice of journalism.

– Olukayode Salako.

kacylee at 29-01-2020 07:52PM (3 weeks ago)
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aww pele

Boi2Man at 30-01-2020 07:56AM (3 weeks ago)
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Abeg oo na who dey fight who?