VIDEO: "Trump Should Deport All Nigerians Living In The US" - Comedian, "Jollof" Speaks

at 4-02-2020 03:50AM (1 month ago)

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Controversial comedian, Mr. Jollof has strike again with one of his controversial opinions. The comedian is requesting that American president, Donald Trump deport all Nigerians living in the USA instead of banning all Nigerians from coming into the country stating that since the Nigerians in the USA are refusing to show solidarity to the Nigerians that have been banned from coming, Donald Trump should even it up by just deporting all Nigerians in the USA so that Nigerians will all be in Nigeria. Clearly his narrative lacks logic and common sense but then again, he is just a struggling comedian isn't he? But this is still not funny as well. This leaves Mr. Jollof up and down, not really in any position of notoriety.

What do you think of Mr. Jollof's comment?

davi at 4-02-2020 06:17AM (1 month ago)
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OF course na him you no dey ever make sense at all kiss my ass FOOL
crusita at 4-02-2020 08:20AM (1 month ago)
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Big fool were was he when those in america were fighting for america citizen.let them enjoy their free in nigeria idot.
realbaby2 at 4-02-2020 08:59AM (1 month ago)
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Because they denied you visa that's why you are talking rubbish. Oyaa come enter America naa make I see you. Bad Belle.
jahlovesme at 4-02-2020 10:35AM (1 month ago)
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foolish being...
Bebold at 4-02-2020 11:48AM (1 month ago)
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Every time people with small mind and small money make too much noise
sheffy1981 at 4-02-2020 12:30PM (1 month ago)
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Foolish people become celebrities in Nigeria and one of them is Mr Jollof, there is nothing controversial about this man, he’s blatantly foolish.
crusita at 4-02-2020 05:07PM (1 month ago)
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Nigerian in America are hard working citizen ,they don,t wait for free money and who is this guy ?grow up fool.
nikiniki at 4-02-2020 06:40PM (1 month ago)
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