50yr Old Man Caught Right on Top a 9yr Old Girl in an Uncompleted Building in Delta (Photos)

at 18-02-2020 07:08AM (1 month ago)

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A 50 year old man has been arrested in Ibusa, Delta state for allegedly defiling a 9 year old girl.
Activist, Harrison Gwamnishu, who effected his arrest, said the man accosted the little girl while she was out on an errand for her parents, took her to an uncompleted building where he allegedly defiled her and then gave her N20 to buy biscuit. .

Read the full account of what happened as Gwamnishu shared on his Facebook page below;
A young girl aged 9 was sexually molested by a 50-year old man who lives in the same street with the victim.
The victim went on an errand to fetch water for her parents when the man called her and convinced her to follow him into a vacant apartment.
On reaching the said apartment, the man pulled the victim's clothes and also stripped himself naked and threatened to kill the young girl if she screams... .

He dipped his fingers into her vag!na severally to create room for expansion, laid on her and inserted his peen and defiled the young girl after which he gave her N20 to get biscuits as a means to pacify her.
Victim's mother noticed she was acting strange and on further questioning, she opened up and told her parents how the old man defiled her. .

Behind Bars Human Right Foundation got tipped on the incidence by a member who saw the victim on arrival to the hospital where she was taken for medical care and immediately swung into action.
We arrested the man and handed over to Divisional Police Headquarters Ibusa. He wWill be charged to court and made to pay for this heinous crime on the minor.

tyomon at 18-02-2020 01:32PM (1 month ago)
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This latest trend in my dear country is worrisome, parents please stop sending your children alone on errands. 
Richman1969 at 18-02-2020 03:01PM (1 month ago)
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only chemical castration can solve this issue
nikiniki at 18-02-2020 05:15PM (1 month ago)
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you see, decadence in nigeria goes beyond the govt. look at this case like millions of others, the govt didnt create this monster! families did! enough of using govt as scapegoat for societal failures. cleansing must begig from families